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Friday, 21 April 2006
35 days after the last one, SOE released a new patch for the first Everquest. Nothing extraordinary but just the usual fixes and tweaks. Enchanters needs to be particulary careful since their AA points for Spell Casting Deftness will be refunded.
*** Headlines ***

- Thank you for participating in the 7th Anniversary events. We hope you enjoyed them!
- Applications for the Itemization Designer position are now closed. Thank you to all who submitted an application!
- A new Monster Mission has been added to the Prophecy of Ro expansion.
- The reuse time on all the veteran rewards has been reduced by 4 hours.
- The stacking issues related to Gift of Mana and Abundant Healing have been resolved.
- We are refunding the Spell Casting Deftness AA to Enchanters.
- Loading to character select should be much faster than it has been.
- You will no longer take damage when you have an aura on you and are moving fast while mounted.

*** Quests & Tasks ***

- Added an item reward at the end of the Corruption story arc in Elddar. Turn in the Chalice of Life to Shalowen the Pure when you have finished the arc.
- Changed the second kill element in Bill Whistletop's trade skill armor pattern book quest to include all Stillmoon stone drakes (instead of just the Stillmoon stone casters).
- Fixed a bug with the Become the Vessel quest that would fail to give credit for kills when a pet got the kill shot.
- Further adjustments to some of the tradeskill trophy tasks, especially Fletching, were made.  In some cases this was to clarify and fix a bug, in others it was to ease some of the rare items needed by changing the element to another item.

*** NPCs ***

- Widdlethorpe in Stoneroot Falls will now give you Magical Corathus Coral if you wish to continue your practice even if you have already completed the Learning the Power mission.  Just tell him you would like to practice.
- It seems that the shipments of wolf blood were missing.  You will now find Measure of Wolf Blood on the appropriate merchants.
- Shards of Ro will no longer drop.  Instead Powder of Ro will drop at a much greater rate than Shards did.
- The gnomework bankers in Corathus Creep will no longer get involved in any fighting; they just want peace and a bouquet of bolts and gears.

*** Events & Missions ***

- Brazlin the High Priest of Ro has summoned his enforcer to help bring the difficulty of the Corruption of Ro raid more in line with the reward.
- Upped the drop rate of Deathknell key pieces dropping from the Porthio event.
- A new Monster Mission has been added to the Prophecy of Ro expansion.  Speak with Oathmir in Devastation for more information.
- The key to Tunare’s Shrine from the Corruption of Ro mission arch will now be placed on your key ring the next time you use it.
- The Guardian of the High Priest in the Corruption of Ro mission will now have a chance to drop a Last Blood augment to bring the reward more in line with the difficulty of the event.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Added a Brewing Barrel to the Bazaar.
- Rejoice, the master tradesmen of New Tannan have found a way to concentrate Celestial Solvent. This concentrated solution will work with three of the same magically imbued items as before in order to make three doses of celestial essence at a time.
- Rock salt can now be ground to fine salt in batches of five or ten.
- Fixed the tradeskill flag on Favor of Druzzil.
- Raised the trivial on Druzzil's Steel Bowstring.
- Adjusted the trivial on the highest end bows from Prophecies of Ro.
- Reduced the yield of Composite Treant Laminating Adhesive to 2.
- The poison Freezing Feedback has had the effect changed to Freezing Feedback (instead of Anemone Feedback).
- Changed the research recipe for Blood of Saryrn to use Saryrn's ink additive instead of Bertoxxulous'.
- Changed the research recipe for Legacy of Bracken to remove the use Ink of the Tribunal.

*** Zones ***

- Changed the teleporters within the bazaar. When going to a "Hall" from the base location, you are no longer facing the teleporter. When teleporting down from the hall, the location has been changed so that you are on the other side of the teleporter with it to your back. This should prevent lag from making you go in a loop.
- There is now an augmentation sealer at the Wayfarer camp in Lavastorm.
- The fungus farm in Kaladim has been re-cultivated.

*** Player Characters ***

- The AC cap and the returns over the cap for rangers and berserkers has been slightly increased.

*** AAs ***

- Refunded Spell Casting Deftness AA to Enchanters. SCD was being overwritten by Quick Buff (a similar AA with superior benefits).
- Reduced the reuse time on all the veteran rewards by 4 hours.
- The stacking issues related to Gift of Mana and Abundant Healing have been resolved. Abundant Healing is once again available to purchase for healing classes and should now work properly if you also have Gift of Mana. You cannot proc both of them with one spell, but should see both of them procing now.

*** Items ***

- Fazzle’s Map of East Wastes will no longer disappear from your inventory if you log out.
- Altered many of the PoR Jewelry.  This change was to fix No Drop Items that should have been Attunable, and to fix some statistics inconsistencies. Also, the HP/MANA gained were balanced with some recommended and required levels if the gain is 50 or greater. In some cases this resulted in greater restrictions, in others it actually reduced the restrictions.
- Modified the Tribute and Guild Tribute values of several items that were either Attunable or NoDrop.
- Changed the Tradeskill flag on a few more items.
- The Fabled Baton of Flame now is now 27 damage, and +1 damage to fire, 18 delay.
- The Fabled Flute of the Sacred Glade now has a 3.2 modifier to wind instruments.
- The Fabled Shawl of Perception now has spell shielding and dot shielding instead of combat effects and accuracy.
- Certain Fabled items have their AC increased.
- Changed the Tanned Hides that were brought to my attention that had an abnormally high merchant greed setting to a more reasonable merchant greed setting.
- Reduced the drop rate of the Sister’s Opulent Backstabber.
- Increased the drop rate of the Spiroc Wingblade in Plane of Sky.
- Modified the drop rate of plate, chain, leather, and silk on Rikkukin and Kessdona to better reflect the number of classes that can use the items.
- Caerlyna will now trade an Ethereal Satchel of Gathering for an Ethereal Satchel of Gathering Token and vise versa.
- Fixed many bag tokens that were stating the incorrect size for their appropriate bag.

*** Spells ***
- Several Prophecy of Ro NPC spells have been modified to be somewhat less annoying, like Resonating Screech, Howling, Grappling Roots, Thorny Vines, Sage’s Curse, and Shimmering Silence Dust.
- Fixed an exploit with the buff blocking feature.

*** Line of Sight ***

- Line of Sight issues that were introduced with the last update should now be resolved.

*** Guilds ***

- Newly formed guilds will now be able to get into their guild halls.

-- The EverQuest Team
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