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SWG Publish 29 Available for Testing E-mail
Tuesday, 23 May 2006
SWG Test Center Prime will be unavailable for a few days while Test Center 2 will soon have part of the Publish 29 on it to let players test it.


What are the game features that will be on Test Center 2?

The 2 key changes we will be focusing on are:

  • Combat Changes:   We're reducing default weapon speed a bit, adding the Weapon Retrofit (to make your weapons more useful and meaningful), and putting in some new combat maneuvers that will increase the number of choices during encounters (adding depth to combat strategies and decisions).   
  • Some other details included in this change are:
  • Decreased default attack speeds
  • Weapon retrofit changes
  • Adding glancing blows
  • Critical hits
  • Targeting: Enhanced combat targeting and non-combat targeting will also be a part of the Test Center 2 changes.  Sticky targeting will help make combat targeting easier to control. Non-combat targeting will be re-introduced to make items in houses more easily movable.
You will be able to find more details about these changes as soon as Test Center 2 is available.
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