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A Tale in the Desert III Launches Saturday E-mail
Friday, 26 May 2006
The third tarle of A Tale in the Desert is going to start tomorrow. Between the main changes comparing it with the second one:
  • A new Events System that integrates Tests, Laws, Developer Chat Sessions, special contests, and other happenings.
  • Principles - miniature versions of each Test. Complete each to increase your Level and open new paths.
  • The Discipline of Harmony
  • Unlockable Everything: Skills, Technologies, and now even Tests.
  • Regional Chat


Andrew Tepper, the Pharaoh of Egypt said in the last newsletter that:

My goal with Tale 3 is to have the entire game feel like a giant, social adventure-puzzle to be explored, dissected, and finally mastered. A fast-paced game. A game rich enough so that everyone from the most hardcore player, to the most casual, can carve out a meaningful role.

But what sort of history will we write? If you've played a previous Tale in the Desert, names like FaceAnkh, DrDave, VoodooC, Hellinar, Shelomit,Quizzical, Rehpic, Silver, CardinalTarod, Asheara, and Qetesh may mean something to you. What about Igoka, Malakai, Mafia, Obiwan, Bindy? And "Flower"? Kestrel and Boaz?

Someone reading this letter right now will change our history in a way that I can't even imagine. What will I be writing about a year from now?

Who? I have no idea, but I can't wait to find out. Join me this weekend, and I promise a Tale you won't forget.

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