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Saturday, 03 June 2006
The free to play MMORPG Runescape has just added to its list of features player-owned housing! We read from the official news "Build, decorate and furnish your own house, all while levelling up your Construction skill!" and again "This incredible update features over 20 rooms, 330 pieces of furniture, 11 new NPCs, 12 dungeon monsters, craftable toys, new armour and shields, trophy rooms, tool racks, different architectural styles, butlers and a whole host of new games to play with your house guests!"

To accomodate this new feature and to give enough space for each player to estabilish his own house, the developers opened in the last two days 11 additional servers.

Even if Runescape graphics are probably not comparable with what it is possible to see on other modern MMORGs, the game has a features list longer than many more famous ones.

As we said Runescape is free to play, but for 5$ per month players are allowed to access more zones, train additional skills and in general access more content.

Runescape has been developed in Java and runs on a web browser, it population is shattered between more than 100 servers.

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