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Monday, 12 June 2006
In tomorrow playtest we will seean updated version of the Wasp, tweaked after player feedback received on the forum. Here are the details.

Playtest -- June 13th, 2006 (Build 3.11.19) -- 3:00p Los Angeles / 6:00p New York / 11:00p UK

Battle Island: Desolation!

  • VS Objective:  Force all of your enemies off of Desolation!  VS will start with Izha
  • NC Objective:  Force all of your enemies off of Desolation!  NC will start with Dahaka
  • TR Objective:  Force all of your enemies off of Desolation!  TR will start  with Jamshid  
  • This will be an limited engagement scenario and the following rule applies:  Stay on Desolation!
  • Added fun stuff:  All 3 empires will have full module benefits!
  • TR will have VS vehicles!
  • NC will have TR vehicles!
  • VS will have NC vehicles!
  • Heavy Assault will be enabled on Desolation for the play test!
  • Advanced vehicles (Reavers, MBTs, etc.) will be enabled for the play test!
  • BFRs will be available, but only to those who have the certifications!
  • If an empire gets too many players they will face targeted Meteor Showers and VoidRage's Magic CUD of Unlimited Orbital Strikes!

Changes to look for in 3.11.19:
  • New version of the Wasp!
    • Minigun - tweaked based on player feedback
    • AA Rockets - tweaked based on player feedback
    • Armor - tweaked based on player feedback
    • Afterburners - tweaked based on player feedback

Special Note:
  • Keep in mind that this is our 2nd prototype of this vehicle so come help use test it and get it right!  Your feedback is important!

  • 1 - 1.5 hours

  • Players who intentionally fire upon other players or abuse the Orbital Strike during the cease fire at the end of the playtest will have their IDs sent to the CSRs for disciplinary action affecting your Live account
  • Instructions for getting into the Public Test Server can be found here
  • If you encounter a new bug, please use the in-game bug reporting tool via /bug.
  • If you crash to desktop (CTD), please restart the game and submit your crash log via the dialog box that appears when you restart the game. If a crash log wasn't generated, please let a QA Rep know that you had a CTD and what happened in-game just before the time of crash.
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