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EVE Online planned features E-mail
Monday, 12 June 2006
Since only EVE Online subscribers usually have the possibility to check this list, we decide to put it online on OGRank and make it available to everybody. Enjoy this planned features list and consider that in a very recent Dev Blog T20 has stated that there is some serious work ongoing on the different points here.


Upgradeable Outposts
The current Outposts are just the beginning to world domination. They should be upgradeable, both internally (services etc.) and externally (defenses). Likewise, the conquerable Stations as well as Outposts should have a degradable state, so that you can gradually disable station functions during a siege which need to be rebuilt from a destroyed state or repaired from a disabled state.

Skill Training - Queue or Dual training
Enabling players to either queue so that training takes the next skill level or starts training another skill up another level. Dual training enables you to have a primary long-term skill in training with a secondary short-term skill sharing the training time. After the secondary skill level has trained, the primary skill trains at 100% again.

COSMOS Version 2
COSMOS is a project type within CCP which aims to paint on the immense canvas of the 5000 solar-system universe. COSMOS Projects today are different depending on their locations, where an Empire COSMOS area is focused on Agent Missions, Complexes and Mini-Professions while a 0.0 COSMOS area is focused on unique resources in new environments, Exploration, Complexes and some unique end result from the locational resources. A good example of this is the Combat Booster regions. COSMOS Version 2 is the notion where the player is building up the infrastructure all over the universe, utilizing new environments, empty deadspace and such to build up Complexes to exploit the resources there which are then wanted by other players. We provide an enhanced canvas for the players to build up. Tricky, but eventually doable.

Ship Sub-system Targeting
The ability to target individual sub-systems of a ship in EVE has been something many players have wanted. Bringing more tactical choices to attacking a ship and disabling certain native ship abilities before going for the final kill (or simply going for the ransom). However, combat is far too short for this kind of tactical decision-making and of course the question remains, what sub-systems are targetable (warp drive, shield recharge, cap recharge) and when are they targetable (After shield is down? Then what happens to armor tanks? After armor is down? Are we then talking about structure tanks too?).

Heat - The ability to overload your modules

Ever wanted that Tachyon to go to "11"? Us too. That's why we want to do "Heat", where a module has a basic heat emission characteristic when used and a ship has a basic heat dispersion characteristic capable of holding certain amounts of heat emission from it's inner systems. If you then put that Tachyon to "11" it creates more heat, which your ship either can handle to disperse - or starts to take damage to ship, module or simply blows up. Brings a whole new meaning to "going out with a bang". Different tech levels of ships and modules would have better or worse emission or dispersion characteristics. However, combat is still too short for this kind of tactical decision-making. Combine this with sub-system targeting and it gets really interesting.

Improved Agent Offers
Agent offers would be converted into a form of store, where you can choose from a larger selection of offers from the agent. Possibly also moving Loyalty Points to the corporation level, so that you are building Loyalty towards the corporation and not necessarily the agent.

Asteroid belts as hidden environments - Exploration
Moving all static asteroid belts Exploration gameplay, a hidden environment model, where you explore to find the asteroid belts. This would also result in the asteroid belts moving into our Complex or (Dungeon) authoring system meaning more variety and danger can be authored into them. All ships would then have a native system scanner, worth crap (can't find ships or anything like that) and could find the basic veldspar belts almost anywhere, while better belts require better equipment - and of course to be in a region which actually has better ore quality (This is NOT an Arkanor in Empire feature). Incidentally, this could further mess with macro's too.

Player Structures - "Housing"
It would richen the EVE universe and provide a simple player owned structure which could be introduced early for players to get into the player owned structure tree. However, usually opens up more cans of worms than it closes.

Full Planetary Interaction
Planetary RTS or other hybrid game form. Yarr. The long-term crazy professor phase of planetary interaction.

Moderate Planetary Interaction
This would feature flying over planets and interacting with the planetary surface. A probable second step in planetary interaction.

Simple Planetary Interaction
A probable first step for planetary interaction, where you manage the planet from a Station amongst other things.

Harvest the comets for their resources, while being constantly hit by debris from the comet.

System-wide Asteroid belts
New environment of asteroid belts spanning a whole solar-system.

Tactical Structures - Starbases & Deployables
Various Starbase structures which give you direct tactical benefits on deployment.

Transport Array - Starbases
A structure which can connect to a player owned station or outpost for output materials.

Twinned Jumpdrive Structure - Starbases
A structure, which allows you to twin together jumpdrive structures from Starbases.

Gang Support in Agents
Support for distribution of Agent rewards in agent missions.

Corporation Matchmaker and Advertisements - NPE Project
Creating an in-game and out-of-game registry of corporations where they list activity and recruitment status which players can then match to find corporations. Also includes advertising abilities in-game and possibly out-of-game.

Character Creation & Tutorials - NPE
Character Creation overhaul, making it more intuitives, give further starter skills in character creation and better explanation of all choises. Adding a number of triggered advanced tutorials, which would utilize the less intrusive Aura trigger, like to prevent people getting podded when getting the podding tutorial ;)

Victory Conditions
Required for Factional Warfare. Should also be considered for player Corporations and Alliances, which opens up a big can of worms, but should be doable.

Constellation Sovereignty
The next step in world domination. Often used as the example of required investment of an alliance to justify advanced territory features such as gate control and solar system defenses.

Ranks & Medals
Required for Factional Warfare. Should also be possible to be assigned from within a player Corporation or Alliance to use as organizational and reward tool.

Corporations Revisited
There are a number of things that need to be done. Check out this link for details .

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