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Wednesday, 14 June 2006
Gamespy has published a review of the City of Heroes Issue 7 which mainly added content to the villains world. "Issue 7 jacks up villain power levels. Villain players can now reach level 50, and attendant new ability sets and powers have been added to the game to take advantage of them."


"Issue 7 also adds the city of Grandville. Grandville is the capital of the Rogue Isles and the headquarters of the Arachnos organization. It houses most of the game's 300 new level 40-50 missions and introduces the game's first piece of true endgame content -- a battle against Lord Recluse himself."

"By far, the best additions Issue 7 brings to the game are Mayhem Missions and Recluse's Victory. Mayhem Missions replace the generic "bank robbery" missions that popped up after three to five newspaper missions, and it's difficult to describe just how insanely fun these things are. While the premise is still to rob a bank, these missions now take place in Paragon City with a 15-minute time limit. Players can add time to the clock, however, by destroying anything and everything they can see. Blowing up a line of cars, a fire hydrant, or a newsstand might add one minute to the clock, while taking down a group of SWAT officers perhaps 30 seconds."
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