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Update on Planetside development activities E-mail
Monday, 24 July 2006
Even in summer the Planetside Dev Team keeps working hard on their projects. In particular something, as usual, is being done to prevent hacking and exploiting, but some game updates are also coming.

Development Activities:
Cheaters and Hackers:  Efforts against cheaters and hackers continue. Expect to see more information on this within the next week or so.

Special Promotions:  Without giving away too many details too soon, I’ll just say, that we were able to work out a way to run some special promotional ideas that will benefit new players as well as existing players.  Not major, just different and fun.  Expect to hear more about this in the next week or so.
Other Projects:  Yes, we will be getting back to deployables, weapons, and vehicles that we spoke about previously. I don't have any new details to share on these but as soon as I get an update, I'll let you know.  And no they aren't delayed for the special things mentioned above.
Bugs:  White Texture Bug - this bug was discussed at one of our recent meetings and we’ll be working more with other departments to track down a solution.  Here's the discussion thread they are following on the issue.

Community Activities:
SOE Block Party:  The SOE Block Party coming up on Saturday, July 22nd.  Enrico will be in the Dunk Tank!  We have gotten Tons and Tons and omg is it too many, amount of people RSVP from all of our games; we hope to see many PlanetSide folks there.  I do know many have stated they were coming. Here's the discussion thread .
Tournament:  Plans are still in the works for the Tournament event.  We've modified our originally plans with it. Once we have details finalized we’ll get the information out to you as soon as possible.  Here’s the discussion thread .
Moviemaker Contest:  We received responses back from the potential winners for the Planetary Moviemaker contest and now I’m waiting on final approval before announcing winners and posting videos.
New Forums:  Date for the new forums has changed from July 25th to August 1st.   Here's the discussion thread .

Car has plenty of gas this week, but it’s going to hate coming back on a Saturday.  However, the Block Party should be lots of fun!  Hope to see many of you there.
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