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World War II Online v1.24 Open Testing E-mail
Wednesday, 16 August 2006
Version of the game is available for testing to windows users. The patch contains some tweaking of the damage model for different vehicles, some terrain updates, new weather effects and many more small improvements. Waiting for the definitive version, let's read the test notes.

World War Two Online


NOTE: The Mac has a display issue and is not ready for testing at this time

NOTE: The Windows executable names have increased to include ww2_x86.exe and ww2_sse2.exe. Players may need to add

these to their firewall settings if prompted and their TrackIR settings.

  • Adjusted bore sight on French LMG
  • Fixed paratrooper test patches showing
  • Fixed paratroopers having the same face

  • Plane neutral icon color changed for better contrast with ground and sky
  • Plane icon fade out time has been increased from 2 to 5 seconds
  • Fairmiles now have invulnerable helmsman
  • Slight increase to damage threshold for Tiger tracks to be consistent with other changes
  • Fixed a threshold error on the Churchill III tracks
  • Increased track damage levels 33% on tanks of 30 tons or more (Tiger, Churchill, Sherman, Char. Matilda)
  • Fixed an error in the damage model for one of the Char's side tracks
  • Fixed an error that caused the Tiger main gun to be invulnerable
  • Fixed missing damage states for tires in Sdkfz 232 and Panhard
    • These tires now correctly have several stages of damage and flats before being blown off

  • Added persistant hulks to game
  • Hulks can last upto 30 minutes, older hulks are removed as new hulks are added if an area become crowded
  • Hulks only appear for vehicles which have a hulk state and are in the hulk state at despawn
  • Hulks are currently limited to ground vehicles
  • Hulks may be destroyed (currently set to same values as unmanned mobile spawns)
  • Hulks will not appear on bridges or ships

  • Replaced roadside bushes (x-bushes) with speed tree objects
  • Removed all old 2d grass objects
  • Fixed an issue where clutter might be placed in buildings
  • Fixed an issue with sun glare not showing through clouds (alpha textures)
  • Adjusted fog density at low and high elevations
  • Adjusted lighting
  • Added new cloud textures
  • Adjusted cloud layering
  • Darkened ground tiles to match new lighting
  • Added new map tiles to match terrain color changes

  • Added 3 random weather states
    • Clear Skies
    • Overcast
    • Cloudy
  • Weather changes at 00:00 each day
  • Weather may be the same as the day before
  • Added varying fog densities and cycles throughout the day
  • Added 3 fog profiles for each of the three day types

  • Fixed a bug that would cause you to lose UI functionality when closing the map with the way point or contact report popup window up
  • Fixed players being listed more than once in the mission members list (on despawn)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the forward button on the persona select screen from working the first time
  • Replaced spawn screen art with war time pictures

Brigade Selection:
  • Brigade now recognizes its home CP as being its defend objective if the home CP has a defend objective on it and it doesn't have an attack objective
  • Added relative activity meter to brigade selection
  • Added color coding to Brigade selection
  • Added "Reserve" in addition to "Attack", "Defend" and "Inactive", to indicate brigades that have missions active and are operating without a current strategic objective
  • Improved the logic that determines which divisions to default to open in the brigade screen selection tree

Welcome Screen:
  • Enlarged and reformatted welcome screen
  • Welcome screen now shows the squad MOTD if you are in a squad
  • MOTD has more space now
  • Poll of the day now always shows, but with a message when there is no poll
  • Poll results link now always visible
  • You can now only vote once for a poll

  • Fixed a bug where the chat window wasn't scrolled correctly on becoming visible
  • Added auto AFK after 5 minutes of no activity

  • Added 3 new contact report types: gun, truck and danger
  • Player map icons now make use of the new truck and gun map icons
  • Player map icons that represent squad mates are now drawn in the squad color chosen via settings
  • All map control lists now properly highlight when selected
  • Map finder now automatically goes to the first item in the list on search criteria change
  • Improved the zoom out/in to be more smooth
  • Added map panning (now pans to a position instead of snapping to a position)
  • Added map panning check box in the map options
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the map defaults button from working
  • Updated the full map control panels to be the same as the standard map control panels

  • Added ability to see member details in the squad tab for members currently on your same side regardless of country or branch
  • Added ability to join a squad mates mission from the squad tab
  • Added squad short name to in game icons
  • Added a squad icon to the brigade selection list when a squad mate is in the brigade
  • Added a squad icon to the mission list when a squad mate is in the mission
  • Fixed an issue where feedback to squad commands such as create, join, etc, were not being displayed to players
  • Squad membership should now propagate without the need for reselecting a persona
  • Squad members now show when they are AFK in the squad members list
  • Improved feedback to squad creation issues,
  • Increased timeout on squad creation invites

  • Mission creator type list now defaults to the first mission type
  • Added "Resupply" as a mission type for missions that meet resupply criteria
  • Added relative mission population to brigade HQ mission list
  • Brigade HQ mission list is now sorted by mission population
  • Color coded mission list and added color key
  • added a create mission button to brigade HQ screen right side pane when no missions are available
  • added the ability to create a resupply mission under the right criteria (division to brigade)
  • The mission creator type section is now a selectable list of available mission types filtered by the origin and target of a mission

  • Added new AAR stats
  • Added mission summary to AAR screen (totals of all sorties on a mission)
  • Added next rank name to AAR tab

  • Added a separate executable that will enable the SSE2 instruction set for improved performance (Windows)
  • Added the option in settings to use the SSE2 instruction set if supported (Windows)
  • Not all SSE2 supported processors (CPU) will experience performance improvements (Windows)
  • Added new texture support code for new texture format

  • Set default water update rate to 5 (slowest rate)
  • Changed "No Lock To Refresh" to "Enable V-Sync"

Host: (CTHL related)
  • Added code to ensure that the host observes the smallest packet size until it has determined what packet size to use for a given player,
  • Added code to ensure that a player's packet size restriction is re-asserted if their connection gets reset
  • Added code to prevent a rare occurance of players being deliberately disconnected by the host after their connection was reset
  • Changed anti-speed hacking code to avoid a false-positive case
  • Fixed a problem with update scheduling that could cause an update to be sent repeatedly flooding the player's connection and causing them to CTHL
  • Added code to introduce packet-loss tolerance into update timing and reduce chance of CTHL caused by network recovery

  • Fixed a visual strobe anomaly with normal mapping

Known Issues:
  • Activity progress bar (Brigade and Mission select) needs a look and feel pass
  • AARs need some more formatting work
  • Map panning needs to be made frame rate independent
  • Center on me is not always set correctly
  • Radial clutter does not match environment
  • Environment transitions for light and fog need some smoothing
  • Hulks may sink too far into the ground
  • Not all players that can support SSE2 do so well enough to enable the option
  • Hulk population settings may need to be lowered to support low bandwidth players
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