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Friday, 18 August 2006
Portalsnetwork published an interview with Istvan , Lead Developer of the SCI-FI MMORPG JumpGate.

From the interview: "MMO Portal: What are some of Jumpgate's more unique features that keep someone playing long after giving it a try?

Istvan: First and foremost, the flight engine is unique. It's very close to true Newtonian physics, but the original developers included a slight drag component. It turns out that fully realistic physics isn't very playable for spaceflight: free acceleration causes control trouble for the player, and higher and higher speeds can eventually cause problems in important parts of the game software, such as collision checking. The drag component prevents these problems in Jumpgate, but the drag isn't so strong as to prevent the fun parts of Newtonian flight, such as being able to pivot and fire in a direction other than your momentum vector. This is what makes dogfights in Jumpgate so interesting.:
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