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New Ultima Online Client in development E-mail
Wednesday, 23 August 2006
Big news for Ultima Online fans. A new client for Ultima Online is currently in an advanced development stage and it will be released in 2007. Look at these wonderful screens.


An hidden page in they teaser site is saying:


You are one of the very first to get a glimpse of a reborn Ultima Online. We won't be releasing more details for a bit, but we do want to let you know a few things:
  1. We are completely re-building the Ultima Online client with new graphics and a new easier-to-use interface.
  2. It is an in-place upgrade. That means you will be able to keep your characters, items, houses and everything else you've earned over the past nine years.
  3. We are committed to maintaining extremely low system specs. They will be higher than what UO launched with in 1997, but will still be far lower than almost any other MMORPG on the market.
  4. The launch will happen in 2007.
  5. There are many, many more surprises in store.
The Ultima Online development team has been working hard for the past eight months to make real the vision of a thriving, vibrant Ultima Online. We are proud to finally let you in on our secret. Look for a full announcement soon.

I know you probably have lots of questions. Before this year ends, we will answer just about all of them, so keep watching

Aaron "Darkscribe" Cohen
Producer - Ultima Online
Check the hidden page here. 



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