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Monday, 28 August 2006
In the last few days the ToonTown test server received a number of bugfixings, bringing the game version to Game version in production servers is still but the new patches should hit them soon.


The new improvements are the following:
  • You will now see a "Skill +" message briefly where your water button is after watering a plant. The button will then change back to displaying "Water".
  • You can no longer use Emotions from SpeedChat while doing Gardening actions.
  • You cannot use the Insta-Grow Fertilizer multiple times anymore. It will now be deleted from your Gardening Specials page after use.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Gardening dialogue boxes to pop up long after the activity was over with (such as watering or planting).
  • Made other "look and feel" refinements to Gardening.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused the flower selling panel to pop up even when your Toon is not in your Estate and/or do not have any flowers in the basket.
  • Made some changes to fix an occasional crash which occurs when a Toon who owns the Estate leaves it while other Toons are still there.
  • Made new changes to fix the issue of Gardens not starting to grow plants.
  • Made further "look and feel" refinements to the Gardening system.

*** NOTE ***
Because of the on going issue of Gardens not growing, please try and start a new Toon and a new Garden and check to see if your garden will now start growing your plants properly. Flowers should bloom one day after they've been planted and watered.

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