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Thursday, 31 August 2006
Gamespot interviewed Cryptic lead designer Matthew Miller about the update that City of Heroes / City of Villains will see next, Issue 8. It will bring new missions, a reward system for veteran players and arena kisks in the Pocked D area.


About the new content that Issue 8 will introduce in the Faultline zone Matthew said: "We have a bunch of new missions for the zone, as well as a couple of surprises. For one, the construction in the zone has uncovered a lot of the old hero bases from before the Rikti War. These bases were home to the supergroups of old, and it's where they housed dangerous technology. After the Rikti war, these bases were simply forgotten about, but Lord Recluse has sent Arachnos troops into Paragon City to scavenge these bases for hidden treasures. The rebuilding of Faultline has kind of kicked over the anthill...there have been Arachnos forces in Paragon City for a while now, but only now can the Heroes do something about them."

For the full interview head over here

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