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Devs ranting about MMORPGs E-mail
Thursday, 07 September 2006
Some of the people working on the most important MMORPG titles of the moment met themselves in Austin TX to share passionate and informal thoughts about the market and their products. Actually most of the discussion was taking World of Warcraft as an example, but not always as a good one.

While Jennings [NCSoft Designer] admitted that Blizzard had done a good job with providing enough in-game customer service representatives to serve World of Warcraft's massive player base, he was less then enthused with the company's patching policies.
"WOW just had a patch a few weeks ago," Jennings noted. "As usual, their patch distribution completely failed. That may be because their patch distribution system is best described as 'Let's make something so frustrating people will just host the damn patches for us.' [laughter, hollers from the audience] It's unacceptable.

Firor of Mythinc Entertainement thinks that "Everyone talks about how we're making the same game over and over again, yet people are having fun doing this," Firor said. "Players out there actually like this. They actually like going out and getting a +2 sword, knowing if they adventure for two-point-five hours more they'll get another sword and a fancy hat. That's cool to them."

In the meantime one audience member asked Jameson of SOE when Sony Online was going to start releasing the "quality products" he talked about.

This is just a small part of the good report that Gamespot published and that we suggest you to read.
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