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Etherea: Dark Genesis
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Friday, 15 September 2006
With the latest patch Auto Assault client version goes to The Emergence arena is finally introduced, the tutorial has been revamped and some new missions and rewards have been added to the game.

Here are the full patch notes.

Auto Assault patch notes


  • Added three new convoy instant repair skills at level 55. These skills repair the caster and all nearby members of the caster's convoy, making it a very efficient repair option in groups.
    • Human Engineers receive "Coordinated Repair"
    • Mutant Shamans get "Revitalize"
    • Biomek Constructors get "Reformation".
  • Emergence arena ready for play
  • The Coliseum is up! There are coliseum missions available at level 60, 65, and 70.
  • Introduced 10 exciting new "Battlemaster" series items that may be purchased from the new Ground Zero Outpost Rewards Store. The Battlemaster series of items are some of the most amazing items found anywhere in the Auto Assault world and they are only available to be purchased with Ground Zero Outpost Souvenir Tokens.
  • New missions added to Ground Zero: Sticker Shock, Token of the Past, The Ends of the Earth, Sample Size, The Creeping Terror, Spinal Trap, Bitter Dregs, Static, White Noise, Resupply (x3, one for each race)
  • Added 66 new weapons to fill in damage type and size including large and medium, front and turret weapons. These weapons have contamination, corrosive, and fire damage types and are typically high refire rate. They are spread across all level ranges and will help to fill in weapon gaps.
  • Added front weapon rewards to all three tutorial maps in mission where player kills instructor. Missions: Final Exam, Test of Metal, Way of the Champion.
  • INC Rest Stop - Added INC Junkyard to provide outlet for exotic weapons, armor, and power plants.
  • Added Outpost rewards store to Fort Logan, Upside, and Tocado. INC will sell Battlemaster rewards from these stores.
  • Added refinery chief to the town of Duenna where there had been none before.
  • Added sounds to pick-up of all power-ups
  • Arkbay - Humans have begun storing Osterakes in the caves for protein. They sure breed quickly, though!
  • Tierra Roja Dam - Osterakes have been spotted in the Training Course.
  • Wastes - Added wall around General Dunlop so new players won't inadvertently drive past him
  • 6 new crafting missions added in Ground Zero with high end ‘broken’ rewards waiting to be claimed, crafted, and possibly memorized! These rewards include Xeno Synthetic Armor, Xeno Core Power Plant, Ground Zero Veteran Ornament, Hellfire Laser MG, Xeno-Modified Radiated Pulse Laser, and the Mozak Replica!
  • Coliseum is OFF. If you do get a mission from the Coliseum NPC, you will get a spam of text messages saying “That area is closed for maintenance.” You can stop the message spam by either leaving the immediate area around the NPC, or simply abandoning the mission.


  • Consumable repair kits are now grouped into two categories: Instant, and Repair Over Time. All instant repair of any kind (instant self, and instant AE) will now share cooldown timers, and all repair over time kits now share cooldown timers.
  • Many Mutant and Biomek missions have had their XP payouts increased.
  • Updated Sgt. Garrison’s loot drops.
  • Changed the name of Outpost Souvenirs to "Outpost Token".
  • Fixed driving, physics, and turret problems with the Human Bounty Hunter "Hydra GT2" Chassis, including increased stat bonuses to be level appropriate.
  • Outpost Capture timer doubled from 15 to 30 seconds
  • Removed Outpost Terminal from Moat
  • Broken Items will now drop, on average, with better stats than their non broken equivalents. This pertains to items that have broken status upon creation in the world, not for items broken by reverse engineering.
  • Epic Missions - The final two missions in each epic mission chain have been made easier to complete. Items will now drop for all convoy members - to encourage players to group - and the final requirement has been halved, from 100000 to 50000 items.

New User Experience
  • Added new slower chassis to all new Auto Assault characters (existing characters are not affected). This will make it easier for new users to acclimate to driving and also make the first chassis upgrade a significant speed increase.
  • Greatly increased experience rewards for levels 1-6 and slightly increased experience rewards for levels 7-9 for killing enemy AI.
  • Greatly reduced defensive and offensive capabilities of AI creatures (excepting bosses) level 1-5, include perception, defense, offense, and damage values. This will result in a much easier new user experience.
  • Improved many mission reward items for levels 1-6
  • In order to speed up new character progression in tutorials and intro-highways, greatly increased experience rewards for completing missions, across all races, levels 1-8 by the following amounts:
  • Increased all racial and INC Repair Pads repair ability by 50% per pulse. This will result in less downtime!
  • Reduce hit points of AI Vehicles levels 1-5
  • Reduced Aggro Radius of AI creatures (excepting bosses) level 1-5 by a scaling amount such that at level 1 they will not aggro and by level 5 their aggro radius is roughly half of what it used to be. This will result in a much easier new user experience.
  • Reduced movement speed of AI creatures (excepting bosses) levels 1-5 by 10%.
  • New characters are now awarded 2 research points at level 5 instead of 1 point at level 2 and 4.
  • Enemy creatures from levels 1-5 now attempt to place themselves in front of the player's vehicle instead of picking a random point around the vehicle to run to.
  • Removed several extraneous first-time hints from the game. Also removed the initial UI overlay explaining each window’s function (this can still be seen when the help window is open)
  • When the character create screen asks you to look at the vehicle options screen, it now takes you to that screen immediately rather than just highlighting the button.

  • Human Engineer Repair Stream (Ally), Biomek Constructor Repair (Ally) and Mutant Shaman Origeneration (Ally) repair skills have had their skill point cost per level increases cut in half.
  • Many summon skills across all races/classes have had their hit points increased significantly. This does not include mines and recon summons.
  • Many summon skills across all races/classes have had their offense (accuracy) rating increased significantly. Some were already maxing at high values and were not improved. The following skills had their accuracy percentages increased:
      Race   Summon Skill
      Biomek   AssaultMek
      Biomek   Autocannon Mek
      Biomek   Biomek Flamer Device
      Biomek   BlastMek
      Biomek   LaserBot
      Biomek   MG-Mek
      Biomek   Nano Impedance Turret
      Biomek   Nano Restriction Turret
      Biomek   Nano Scrambler Turret
      Biomek   TechBot
      Biomek   Titan Mek
      Human   Combat Drone
      Human   Grav Sink Trap
      Human   Hestia Aerial Raider
      Human   Laser Turret
      Human   Maser Turret
      Human   Microtank
      Human   Mobile Command Unit
      Human   Repair Pods
      Mutant   Phaseform Alligrake
      Mutant   Phaseform Bloodretch
      Mutant   Phaseform Crawler
      Mutant   Phaseform Crusher
      Mutant   Phaseform Rake
      Mutant   Phaseform Revenant
      Mutant   Phaseform Spiritdew
      Mutant   Phaseform Spitblossom
  • Many summon skills across all race/classes have had their durations greatly increased. Mines and turrets were not included in this change. The durations will now scale to a maximum skill rank duration of over one hour. This will result in additional power being available to classes with summon skills. The following summons were included in this change:
      Biomek   AssaultMek
      Biomek   Autocannon Mek
      Biomek   Biomek Flamer Device
      Biomek   BlastMek
      Biomek   LaserBot
      Biomek   MG-Mek
      Biomek   TechBot
      Biomek   Titan Mek
      Human   Combat Deployment
      Human   Combat Drone
      Human   Hestia Aerial Raider
      Human   Holo-Trooper
      Human   Microtank
      Human   Mobile Command Unit
      Human   Shock Trooper
      Mutant   Phaseform Alligrake
      Mutant   Phaseform Bloodretch
      Mutant   Phaseform Crawler
      Mutant   Phaseform Crusher
      Mutant   Phaseform Rake
      Mutant   Phaseform Revenant
      Mutant   Phaseform Spiritdew
      Mutant   Phaseform Spitblossom
      Mutant   Phaseform Ursaic Monolith
  • More than doubled the duration of Mutant Spririt Shells skill. Added accuracy (all) bonus to Spirit Shells.
  • Reduced the offensive bonus of Human Tactical Uplink to be inline with other skills of its type. It was previously much higher in bonuses than any other skill of its type. Also, reduced the power cost of Tactical Uplink, especially at higher ranks of the skill.
  • Added an accuracy (all) bonus to Mutant Shaman Blood Spike skill. Increased the duration of Blood Spike by over 50%.
  • All three battle modes for Engineers, Shaman, and Constructor classes now work on "self" instead of just on a convoy. This will help add additional power to these three support classes.
  • Reduced cost of Biomek Total Armor factional skill and slightly improved critical hit defense %.
  • Human Commandos now get 10 ranks of Quantum Methods skill instead of 7. This is now identical to the other classes who share the same skill at 10 ranks.
  • Human Engineer Repair Surge (Self) and Repair Stream (Ally), Mutant Shaman Origeneration (Self) and Origeneration (Ally) and Biomek Constructor Repair (Self) and Repair (Ally) have had their skill point costs reduced.
  • Reduced the cost of Human Tech Certification and Theoretical Studies skills.
  • Human Bounty Hunter Cheap Shot skill has greatly reduced ranks (35 to 15) and greatly increased efficiency. Power cost was reduced, damage was increased, skill cost was greatly reduced, and stun duration was slightly reduced.
  • Added specific text to all blind skills so they specifically state what is happening with Blind status "...causing final to hit chance to be reduced by 50%". This includes the following skills: Brilliant Flare, dimda.virus, electrical radiation, phase cloud, phased illumination, firefly spirit, and swarming nanites.

Functionality / User Interface
  • Character Creation should be a bit easier to navigate intuitively using Enter, Escape, and the arrow keys to select your character (message box will always take precedence. Also, you don't always have to have 'focus' on the current window pieces for those keys to still work).
  • Auto-targeting is now enabled by default (users who previously had already created vog.opt files by playing the game will still have this option turned off unless they turn it on manually)
  • Having auto-targeting enabled will now automatically set your target to the first enemy that attacks you if you don't have a target.
  • Increased the rate at which vehicles turn from a standstill via holding just 'a' or 'd'
  • No more heat accumulation in any form until level 6
  • Spray weapons can have explosive properties and still show correctly in the rollover now.
  • You can now select the new "Mouse-move in Vehicle" option under the interface options to use the mouse to control the movement of your vehicle.


  • The following Zones have been optimized for better performance:
    • Ark Bay Tutorial
    • Fort Logan
    • Malachite
    • The Warren
    • Tocado
    • Upside
    • Wastes
  • The Moat: Players should no longer spawn at wrong repair stations when killed.
  • The Warren: Added text trigger in front of exit to the Depths. You need to use a Keycard to exit.
  • Scrap Valley - fixed bad refire rate for 2 heal pads
  • Cinderfall - Fixed two plants next to each other fighting.
  • Cinderfall - changed chassis store to contain only vehicles, and marked vehicles only.
  • Stalwart - Added a terminal next to the refinery and also fixed Control, Fabrication, and Reactor buildings.
  • The Falls (The Tubes) - Fence pieces should now appear at all angles.
  • Clicking on a lootlinked chassis and then zoning should no longer cause the player to crash
  • +1 to all faction/specialty skills enhancements on equipment should now work correctly both inside and outside of town. It will now automatically update all passive skills on the player immediately when equipped/unequipped instead of only upon zoning.
  • Fixed a bug where all equipment-based stat enhancements were reporting double in town (+2 combat would show up as +4 combat etc). While broken, unequipping the item would cut the bonus in half but then re-equipping the item would have no further visible result. Known Issue regarding the fixes to +skill adds: If you have items equipped that have +skill effects, and you then add points to an affected skill, you will need to zone to make the client show the values correctly. The server has the correct adjusted values immediately, but the local client may show incorrect or inflated values. Zoning will correct this.

Items / Environment
  • Fixed floating objects in Dreamtime, Grand Junction, The Moat
  • Fetid Bayou: Placed large rock in depression where you would take water damage
  • Lost Stronghold (Rush Ridge): Fixed invisible physics block in front of exit tunnel. You should not be able to drive into tunnel object now.
  • Ground Zero - Mutant base. Moved a store building that was placed in the path of patrolling Mutant guards.
  • Detention Facility - Added reaction that deletes gates if you have objective to enter the Detention Facility or Upload virus.
  • Western Front - Players should no longer be able to get into the lake at Squentin Gardens.
  • Cinderfall - moved entry point from off the map to Biomek Repair station by Moat exit.
  • Fixed all Human Engineer Minos chassis to have a 6 wheel definition. This chassis should now properly accept 6 wheel sets.

Text changes / fixes
  • Corrected naming problems with various tank chassis defensive bonuses which incorrectly read "Offense Bonus".
  • Typos of the following Medals fixed: “Lower Apollo Outfall Pass” and “Pimp Clip”

  • Fixed Pious Archon escort mission
  • Citadel - Fixed Trigger for Photofinish
  • Ark Bay Tutorial - made Gunny Sioux’s path even shorter.
  • "All INClusive" - should show up properly in the journal now.
  • "Clear and Present Danger" - should correctly count kills now and changed max level on kill target from -1 to 80
  • "Dereliction" - now gives players a reward.
  • "End Transmission" - should complete properly now.
  • "Friend in Need" is now level 22.
  • "Home for the Holidays" - changed fail distance on escort mission from 100 m to 200 m.
  • "Justice Mastery" - can now be marked active in the journal.
  • "Positive ID" - Jugo no longer gives out Hestia IDs. Players must actually wreck humans to get them.
  • "Rites of Immolation III and IV" now give more details about what targets players have to fight.
  • "Sac it to Me" Mission items will now be removed from player inventory when the mission completes.
  • "Salvage" mission fixed
  • "The Cell" - should show up properly in the journal now.
  • "Xeno Inversion III" - Removed Justice vehicle from list of targets. Added Xeno Vehicle.
  • “EILM Mastery” - now correctly reports the mission target level.
  • “Right Or Not At All” - now correctly reports the completion NPC’s location.
  • “Snake Charmer” - should now complete normally.
  • “The Racketeer” - will now give players experience when completed.

Mission Texts
  • Fixed Typos in missions "Rough Rider", "Shot Up in the Chest", "Pawn Ornaments".
  • "Test Basis" - Changed text to reflect the right number of kills (from 12 to 15).

  • Fixed Biomek Terminator's Frost Plate skill to properly provide resistance bonuses.
  • Fixed Biomek Terminator's Soft Spot Skill to properly debuff all resistances and added a 40m splash damage radius.
  • Fixed incorrect Power consumption of Human Commando skill Repulsor Shield.

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