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Friday, 15 September 2006
The Ultima Online client has been patched to version 5.0.4d. The shards of Origin and Pacific are going to receive a new server patch soon that will be deployed later also on the remaining shards.

Client Patch 5.0.4d
  • Vet Reward Player Statues no longer have health bars
  • Players can no longer access the Virtue Gump from a Player Statue's paperdoll
  • Added 9th Anniversary splash screen and entitlement check
  • Adjusted the location of the progress loading bar for the 3D client splash screen
  • Updated text strings and localization for Live Event

The server update will contain the following changes:
  • Character Statues will no longer lose their Sculpted By name (existing statues will need to be resculpted)
  • Fixed an entitlement issue with the weapon engraving tool
  • Using the Weapon Engraver’s context menu no longer displays a system message twice
  • Red Soulstone no longer does an entitlement check for UO:SE
  • Fixed an entitlement issue with the cannon
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to fire the cannon without standing next to it
  • Added live event content



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