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Tuesday, 19 September 2006
On the Camelot Herald we can find today a list honoring the people who have accomplished Legendary Tradeskill status, Level 50, a new Realm Rank, Champion Level 5, and Master Level 10.
To enter the list for future weeks players are asked to send their submissions .

Congratulations to the following noble defenders, who have recently earned a new Realm Rank!

Crazybow of Dark Watch, Igraine
Heya Crazybow!  Congratulations on Realm Rank 10!  That's a lot of Albion's and Hibernia's realm defenders buried! -Kalitarn

Wuming, of Kinsmen of Honor, Iseult
Grats to KoH's Wuming on RR5, not only a great guy but a great guildy and friend to all!! ---Seebass

Relap, Enchanter of Reign of Fury, Merlin
Congratulations to Relap of Gawaine on hitting 1 million realm points! -From all of RoF

Destinyshriek of Redheaded Stepchildren, Lancelot

Buncha, of Black Hand, Bors
ML5 'bout dang time! Gratz Buncha on the ML5 pf! Keep it going! -Cholayna

Sabers, Mentalist of Vox Dei, Pellinor
Sabers-Pellinor, the level 50 Mentalist of Vox Dei went out to defend his frontier when it was under siege by Midgard at Dun Crauchon and he achieved a new realm rank! His new title above his head is Tiarna, Realm Rank 9, so beware Midgard and Albion, because he is on his crusade to Realm Rank 10 now!

Ninelives of The Dragons, Pellinor
Would like to congratulate Ninelives of The Dragons from Pellinor on achieving RR11. She's worked hard over the past 4 and a half years to get where she is today. All of her friends from her Cluster are proud of her on her dedication and time put into her Cleric to get where she is today. Many rounds of Applause goes out to you Nine!!!! -Saurumona

Congratulations to the following brave adventurers, who have recently earned level 50!

Milinalda of The Anzacs, Lamorak
The Anzacs congratulate Milinalda on getting to 50!

Cherypi of Eat Me Drink Me, Gaheris
Like to send a huge Gratz out to Cherypi for getting her first level 50 toon in DAoC. -Tootsie

Ashena, Ranger of Celestial Aggressors, Gareth
Ashena of Celestial Aggressors reached level 50 in CM Tuesday morning on Gareth.

Congratulations to the following tireless crafters, who have recently earned Legendary status!

Dinnin, Legendary Armorer of Gloria Invicta, Guinevere

Envystrikes, Legendary Spellcrafter of Black Hand, Bors
Gratz Envystrikes! Our newest LGM! Many happy days ahead with the gems! WOOT! -Cholayna

Join these guilds and alliances in congratulating their members for their great accomplishments!

Members of Black Cats, Morgan Le Fay
Black Cats, Hibernian Italian guild of MLF server, Congrats to these players:

Fateshaper, Druid: grats! RR 7L5
Bardottina, Bard: grats! RR 7L2 and 2.000.000 RP

Aelje, Champion: grats! RR 4L3

Mohag, Valewalker: grats for his 1st 50!

Members of Hibs on a Plane, Gareth

Kirm Reached Level 50 along with Moondrau The first level 50's in Hibs on a Plane.

Members of Outcast, Bors
Murphys, Healer
Grats to Murphys, Healer, for rr11!
Doomhilda, Valkyrie
Grats to Doomhilda, Valk, for rr10!
Grats to all the other members for the multiple Realm dings and for 5.7 million rps last week. -Alzheimers

Members of Draconum Comitatus, Gaheris
Draconum Comitatus rocks! Big congrats to Hesaheart, the first one of the founding members of Draconum Comitatus to reach level 50!! Way to go, big guy!  Big congrats also go to Zukar and Juelldan for being right behind Hesa in hitting level 50!!! What an awesome guild we have :)

Members of Circle of Arnor, Gaheris
Amothus Stoutheart
Arnoriron Deodatus
Congratulations to our fearless Leader Amothus Stoutheart and his right-hand man Arnoriron Deodatus for topping the 1 Million mark in realm points. Love you guys! ~Em and the rest of CoA

Members of Tuatha de Dagda Alliance, Igraine
The Tuatha de Dagda alliance on the Devon cluster would like to honor the following people for their recent accomplishments.

Congratulations on Level 50!

Lastnite, Nightshade of Dark Regime
Lilkillerx, Champion of Dominion Hedge
Mandragon, Animist of Dominion
Vampirella, Animist of Dominion
Pyrahm, Bard of Regulators Daravonn
Bloodblade, Vampiir of Regulators
Vampswarden, Warden of The Syndicate

Congratulations on the following Realm Rank milestones!

Shralie, Realm Rank 9, Nightshade of The Black Company
Belleterre, Realm Rank 7, Druid of Final Awakening
Podruga, Realm Rank 5, Druid of Free Will
Yeayeah, Realm Rank 5, Ranger of The Covenant
Paden, Realm Rank 5, Nightshade of Riders Of The Storm
Lilgipper, Realm Rank 4, Mentalist of The Syndicate
Shadowxor, Realm Rank 4, Nightshade of Honor Guard
Mourd , Realm Rank 4, Ranger of Dominion
Yaka, Realm Rank 4, Animist of The Black Company
Shyenne, Realm Rank 4, Warden of Regulators
Damonix, Realm Rank 4, Eldritch of Regulators
Booobooh, Realm Rank 4, Bainshee of Guardians of Destiny
Jorit, Realm Rank 3, Ranger of Guardians of Destiny
Brickhousebetty, Realm Rank 3, Heroine of Celts Gone Wild
Fungusamunguss, Realm Rank 3, Animist of Celts Gone Wild
Narld, Realm Rank 3, Valewalker of Honor Guard
Daravonn, Realm Rank 3, Vampiir of Regulators
Dacasmentel Challenged, Realm Rank 3, Mentalist of Death's Hand
Ciso, Realm Rank 3, Druid of Crimson Annihilation
Vampiirbites, Realm Rank 3, Vampiir of Crimson Annihilation
Dontushushme, Realm Rank 2, Bainshee of The Covenant
Myh, Realm Rank 2, Nightshade of Dominion
Meansobvamp, Realm Rank 2, Vampiir of Death's Hand
Daravonn, Realm Rank 2, Vampiir of Regulators
Llkelt, Realm Rank 2, Druid of Crimson Annihilation
Dariusd, Realm Rank 2, Ranger of Riders Of The Storm
Sheernir, Realm Rank 2, Animist of Crimson Annihilation
Sandmanfink BackFromIraq, Realm Rank 2, Animist of Regulators
Jorotof, Realm Rank 2, Vampiir of Crimson Annihilation
Ooopsyourdead, Realm Rank 2, Nightshade of Honor Guard
Renegadewind, Realm Rank 2, Ranger of Honor Guard
Hellenwaite, Realm Rank 2, Bainshee of Celts Gone Wild
Mrsprint, Realm Rank 2, Bard of Regulators
Blodsuger, Realm Rank 2, Vampiir of Regulators
Diamondbites, Realm Rank 2, Vampiir of Dominion

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