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Monday, 02 October 2006
Not happy enough to have copied the talent system  from World of Warcraft, now Star Wars Galaxy is proud to announce the copy of the honor rankings system, renamed Galactic Civil War ranks and rewards.
Here is the description of this innovative feature Laughing

Ranks and Scoring

In the Galactic Civil War, you can earn faction points and gain new ranks through a variety of activities. Fighting both NPC enemies and player enemies will earn you GCW points that will be applied weekly to determine your current rank.

Each new rank will grant you access to higher-level rewards from your faction recruiter.

Enlisted Ranks
Imperial & Rebel






Lance Corporal/Trooper


Corporal/High Trooper




Master Sergeant/Senior Sergeant


Sergeant Major/Sergeant Major

Officer Ranks
Imperial & Rebel










Lt. Colonel/Commander





Additional Intel: Ranks
  • A Galactic Civil War page has been added to the character sheet for all players.
  • You can view another player's GCW character sheet. To do this:
    • Target another player.
    • Call up the radial menu while you have them targeted.
    • Select the option to see their GCW information.

GCW Rank Advancement

  • You can earn GCW points by engaging in a variety of factioned combat against both NPC and player enemies.
  • Each Thursday at 12PM PDT , your GCW points will be tallied to determine your current GCW rank.

Officer Ranks and Decay

  • Officers are on active duty and active participation in the war is a must! Because commissioned Officers are on active duty, Officer Ranks* 7 and above decay over time. As a result, a percentage of your GCW ranking points will be lost each week.

    * Players holding the Rank of Officer, not the profession Officer.
  • No more than 40% of your current rank will decay in a single week.
  • As rank decays, an officer will need to earn enough GCW points to overcome the amount of rank that has decayed each week.

Earning GCW Points

You can earn points by fighting on the front lines of battle in the Galactic Civil War. Here are the places and ways you can earn GCW points:

  • The Restuss GCW battlefield.
  • By destroying player GCW bases.
  • By killing Rebel and Imperial NPCs (details listed below).
  • By killing Rebel and Imperial factioned players (PvP).
  • By killing Rebel and Imperial NPC pilots in Space.
  • By killing player pilots in Space (PvP).

Enemy Point Scores




Point Limits

Imperial and Rebel NPCs 86% of your level and above.


3 points


Imperial and Rebel Elite NPCs.


12 points


Imperial and Rebel Elite NPC Bosses.


50 Points


Imperial and Rebel players 70% of your level and above.


Each player can earn points depending on how much damage was done to the target by each player.

The total amount of possible points that can be scored each day depends on your rank.

Imperial and Rebel NPC pilots.


6 points per tier

The total amount of possible points is modified by the difference in pilot tiers.

Tier 1 = 1+
Tier 2 = 1+
Tier 3 = 2+
Tier 4 = 3+
Tier 5 = 3+

Imperial and Rebel Player pilots.


Point scores are based on combined ranks.




Additional Intel: GCW Points
  • GCW points are shared, split among group members.
  • GCW bonus points are rewarded for going into battle outnumbered.
  • The maximum amount of possible points that can be scored by a player each day is shared for PvP on the ground and in space.
  • Each Thursday at 12PM PDT, your weekly GCW points are converted to a rank and all current activity is cleared.
  • No more than a single rank will be awarded each week.

Ground PvP Zones

•  You will receive a bonus for combat in static PvP areas. Examples of static PvP combat zones are Restuss and the three GCW static bases. These bonuses are rewarded every 10 minutes to all players in the area.

•  The amount of points included in the bonus is determined by individual participation, total participation, total activity and faction imbalance.

Player GCW bases

•  Destruction of a player GCW base rewards a GCW point value based on the planetary control value of the base at the time it is destroyed.

Galactic Civil War Rewards

Listen up soldier! If you perform well in the line of duty, here are some of the rewards you can earn based on your current rank:

Enlisted Rewards

Rank Rebel Title Rebel Rewards Imperial Rewards
1 Private Rebel Schematics* Imperial Schematics*
2 Trooper Rebel Furniture* Imperial Furniture*
3 High Trooper Rebel Equipment* Imperial Equipment*
4 Sergeant Rebel Weapons* Imperial Weapons*
5 Senior Sergeant • Rebel Turrets*
• Rebel Themed Painting
• Imperial Turrets*
• Imperial Themed Painting
6 Sergeant Major • Rebel HQ Installations*
• Rebel Sergeant Major Medal
• Imperial HQ Installations*
• Imperial Sergeant Major Medal

* These are the Faction Items that were available before Chapter 3.


Officer Rewards

Rank Imperial Title Rebel Title Rebel/Imperial Rewards Ability
7 Lieutenant Lieutenant Faction Comlink Retaliation
8 Captain Captain Faction Battle Banner

Imperial Banner
Rebel Banner
Adrenaline Rush
9 Major Major • 1st half of Faction Special Ops Officer Armor
• Armor Coloring Kit Schematic
10 Lt. Colonel Commander • 2nd Half of Faction Special Ops Officer Armor Set Last Man Standing
11 Colonel Colonel • Faction Officer Signet Ring
• Armored BARC Speeder
Legendary Warrior
12 General General Faction Weapon Set Airstrike Ability



Additional Intel: GCW Points
  • Sergeant Major Medals: These medals give the wearer a bonus to character attributes.
  • Faction Comlink: Faction comlinks can be used once every 30 minutes to call in 3 faction troops to support your position. They will fight for a short amount of time and then leave.
  • Faction Battle Banner: Rally your troops with Battle Banners! These permanently owned banner buffs use charges to buff any same-faction player in your area and can be used every 15 minutes. The buff effects are unique for each profession.
  • Rebel Special Ops Officer Armor Set: Rebel Officers can earn a new set of factional armor. You can also buy a coloring kit schematic that can be used by a Trader to re-color the armor.
  • Imperial Special Ops Officer Armor Set: Imperial Officers can earn a new set of Stormtrooper armor that has a shoulder pauldron. You can also buy a coloring kit schematic that can be used by a Trader to re-color the shoulder pauldron or the color of the armor.
  • Faction Officer Signet Ring: This Officer's ring will grant a bonus to your character attributes.
  • Armored BARC Speeder: Officers can earn an armored BARC speeder that has improved speeds.
  • Faction Weapons: A variety of Faction Weapons are available for purchase from a Faction Recruiter.



Additional Intel: Abilities

These ranked abilities are only available for as long as you maintain the rank in which it's awarded.

  • Adrenaline Rush: Through countless battles, fear has hardened you for combat allowing you use an adrenaline rush to your advantage. Your combat skills are quickened in the face of danger.
  • Last Man Standing: Seasoned by many battles, you alone have been the deciding factor between victory and defeat. Pushing yourself beyond the abilities of common soldiers, you are destined to be the last person standing.
  • Retaliation: After years in the battlefield, your mind has instinctively learned to suppress pain by immediately counter-attacking your enemies. As you are wounded, so shall they be wounded.
  • Unstoppable: Your body has become so used to pain and wounds that you ignore all but the most severe. When other solders would be on their knees begging for mercy, you will fight on...unstoppable.
  • Legendary Warrior: Soldiers and warriors throughout your faction recognize you as a legend. Your presence on the battlefield will dramatically boost the morale and combat abilities of those around you.
  • Imperial Airstrike: Your high rank in the Imperial army gives you the authority to call down a TIE Bomber to attack your enemies.*
  • Rebel Airstrike: Your high rank in the Rebel Alliance gives you the authority to call down an X-Wing to attack your enemies. *
* For obvious reasons, this ability cannot be used indoors.

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