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Thursday, 05 October 2006
The free to play french MMOPRG Dofus has released a new game extension named The Riders of the Dragoturkey. The Riders of the Dragoturkey introduces paddocks in which you can breed your Dragoturkeys that you can later use as mounts, the handyman profession, the new area of The Koalak Mountain, new arenas and much more.


Mounts and Breeding

Finally, you’ll be able to capture Wild Dragoturkeys, buy paddock with your guild or use public paddocks to breed your Dragoturkeys.

There are public paddocks which are generic paddocks open to all adventurers. They are less effective and less flexible that private paddocks but they have the great advantage not to require any investment. Private paddocks must be bought by your guild leader. Thanks to new guild rights, he'll be able to decide who of the guild will access the paddock, who will be able to change its organisation and who will be entitled to access other guild members' mounts.
You'll be able to buy a private paddock only if your guild leader owns a mount himself (either a wild one or not).
A guild will only be able to buy a new paddock every 10 guild level passed (there are currently 241 private paddocks available on each server, and this number will increase with the passing updates). You’ll be able to customize your private paddocks with various machines and items adapted to the needs of your mounts.
We decided to connect the running of the private paddocks to that of the guilds to reinforce the importance of the guilds and erase some inequalities between players.
The management of the paddock within a guild is voluntarily based on trust between the members of the guild.
We hope that this new functionality will help players within a same guild to know each other better and play together disregarding character level differences.

Evolution, Bonus and Characteristics:
Once adult, your Dragoturkeys will be able to mate. You’ll be able to try crossbreeding mounts to get rare and efficient ones.
The more you’ll fight with your adult mount, the more the latter will evolve.
With these mounts, you'll be able to carry a lot more items thanks to their own inventory! Mounts will also be of a precious help in fight making you benefit from their numerous bonuses.
Bonuses given by the Dragoturkeys (besides a quicker way of travelling and the extra inventory) have a similar running to that of pets.
The power of these bonuses depends on the rarity of the mount.
These bonuses are sometimes slightly superior to that of some of the best pets, but in reasonable proportions. We don't want players who own a mount to have too many advantages in comparison with other players playing with pets only.
The slight superiority of the bonuses offered by the mounts is justified by their breeding which according to the species of the mounts can take longer than that of pets and can be a lot more expensive.
Besides, some class and special spells can not be used if the player fights while riding his mount.
Under no circumstances will the pet system be put down because of the mounts arrival. These different creatures keep all their specificities and advantages.
Players will have to choose to either equip their mount or their pet; they won’t be able to cumulate both functionalities at the same time.
There's nothing stopping a player from doing some of his fights equipped with his mount and others with one of his pets.

Interact with your Mounts:
The breeding system has been designed to make players interact a maximum with their mounts. The latter recognize their owner and react to their actions or moods. The only fact that you wave your mount goodbye when it's in the paddock makes it want to get closer to you. Knowing this will help you direct your mount towards some machines and items that are in the paddock…

We decided not to create a specific profession of Breeder but to make it a functionality accessible to everyone. Any player will be able to breed and capture mounts if they have the spell that will enable them to catch a mount.
Breeding mounts is not an activity that should take a lot of time and we designed this system to make it easier for players who don't have the opportunity to connect regularly to feed their pets.
So, mounts can't die. The player decides when to feed them.
Mounts can easily survive several weeks with no cares.
This mount system offers quite an interesting alternative to players who believe the pet system is too demanding.
However, this major functionality was also created to give players who have time a full-time activity.
A considerable breeding and the search for the best crossbred Dragoturkeys will demand the contribution of many trade associations and of a whole guild.
Exchanging and selling your Dragoturkey has been made easy to favour the interactions between players.
Breeding mounts does not require a specific level. Any player can do it as long as he’s learnt the capture spell and is accompanied by expert players to capture Dragoturkeys. Any beginner player especially if he’s part of a guild can enjoy breeding Dragoturkeys.
Besides, public paddocks enable players who are not part of a guild yet and with limited in game means to benefit from this major new functionalities (with a few restrictions though).
We’re still thinking about and working on other ways to increase the value of the time spent breeding mounts for our next update.

The Profession of Handyman:

This new profession is closely related to the breeding functionalities.
Indeed, this profession teaches you how to make numerous machines and items to put in private paddocks which will modify the behaviour and the evolution of your mount.
Items and machines created by the Handyman are essential to guilds who want to start breeding mounts.
The complete collection of the Handyman’s creations has a limited duration as by dint of use, they end up breaking.

A New Area: The Koalak Mountain:

This new area, stuck in between the Cania Plains and the Sidimote Moors will make you discover the new breeder village, with all its secrets, terrible creatures and the Koalaks will wait for you and fiercely defend their wild territory.
You can also hunt and capture Wild Dragoturkeys there.
Players will be able to venture in the Wild Canyon, the Kaliptus Forest, the enchanted lakes, the Koolich Cave and even in Skeunk's den.
This area has been created to favour team play. Don't go there on your own!
You’ll be able to buy new houses and paddocks in the breeder village, located in the heart of the mountains and is accessible thanks to the Zaap.

The Castle of Amakna:

At last! This castle opens his gates again to adventurers!
From now on, it will become one of the essential places between Astrub and Amakna, you'll be able to buy new houses, breeding paddocks, benefit from its harbour, its Zaap and its easy access.
King Allister, himself, believes he’ll soon be able to come live in the castle again and bring in his guards!
The yard of the castle will liven up during the next months...

The Protectors of the Resources:

Gods Sadida and Enutrof decided to fight against pillage of the natural resources of the continent! Therefore, they offer some natural resources the possibility to protect themselves against collectors. This new functionality somehow breaks the collectors' routine with new challenges and is also a good way to fight effectively against macro and bot users.
It favours honest players making it faster for them to collect resources without having to do the same repetitive collecting actions.

Search recipes by ingredients:

We created a new search system which will enable you to find all the recipes in which the selected ingredient appears.
All you need to do is click on the magnifying glass button next to the ingredient picture to get these recipes.
This functionality should help you to easily and quickly figure out the use of some ingredients or resources.

Edit: This functionality has been temporarily deactivated in the client 1.15.2 further to technical problems. We will activate it again in a next optional client.

New Areas of the Continent:

Bworks haven't gone on a holiday for a while, and during all that time they extended their village with the help of their Goblin colleagues.
Discover or re-discover their atypical village and their legendary warm welcome!

The Crackler Dungeon:

Rumor has it that a Legendary Crackler has been living on top of one of the mountains of Amakna for years…
No one ever tried to free him.

Pet Resurrection:

All pet ghosts go into a trance; they'll soon be able to come back to life but on the condition that their owner finds the entrance of the pet sanctuary…
The pet resurrection is accessible to everyone. But note that you won’t be able to go through this quest without the support of a well-organised party.
Solo adventurers, don’t even try it!

Bottomless Swamps:

A breach in the mountain of Amakna cracked open and the swamps where the terrifying Crocoburio used to live spread up to the access of the Koalak Forest.
If you like peat smells and Crocodyl armies, you’ll be one happy adventurer!

Underpasses of the Castle of Amakna:

Connecting the mine of Astrub to the castle of Amakna, these underpasses could be used as shortcuts were it not infested with terrible creatures and disreputable characters.
This is the ideal spot for beginner groups of adventurers looking for experience!

Gobball Breeding Area:

Between the castle of Amakna and Astrub, this small area is used by the castle garrison to breed Gobballs, inexhaustible source of food (and bad smells).
Locked up in their pens, they are easy targets for beginner adventurers who like to practice on these creatures.

Bonta and Brakmar:

Trading in both these cities considerably developed since the breeders' craze for the paddocks you can find there.
That’s why new Marketplaces appear:

  • An animal Marketplace to sell your mounts, pets, pet ghosts and all your Bow Kennel Certificates.
  • A Tracking scrolls Marketplace will make it easier for you to find new enemies. You'll find it in the heart of the militia.
  • A document Marketplace, next to the new library, to buy and sell books as well as spells and characteristics scrolls.
  • A rune Marketplace, next to the new smithmagic workshop, to buy and sell all the smithmagic runes currently on the market.
  • A Handyman Marketplace, next to the Handyman workshop, where you'll find all the machines and items that are essential to your paddocks.

Corrections and modifications done:


  • From now on, the Forgetfulness Potion for the spell 'Punch of Xelor' can be bought from the NPC in the Xelor Temple.
  • From now on, the Forgetfulness Potion for the spell ‘Dancing Sword’ can be bought from the NPC in the Sacrier Temple.


  • The critical hit from the Osamodas spell ‘Bear’s Cry’ has been corrected at spell level 1 (it goes up from 2 to 4 damage points).

Spells and Equipments:

  • Life thefts are from now on corrected and influenced by the resistances brought up by spells and equipments.
  • Life thefts no longer allow you to steal more life that what the target actually has.


  • The number of Pandits in the Aerdala area has been increased.
  • The number of Pandikazes in the Aerdala area has been increased.
  • The number of Pandulums in the Aerdala area has been increased.


  • The required agility for the Doozi Bow lowers from 200 to 150.


  • The loss of Heath Points when you lose a fight is restored.
In addition to the above, it is confirmed that the long-awaited Axe Skill was added with this update.


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