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Runescape: Costume Room and Capes of Achievement E-mail
Wednesday, 18 October 2006
Runescape players with at least a Construction skill of level 42 will now be able to add a costume room  to player houses. Chests, wardrobes and cape racks in this room can be used to store dresses and armors, including the newest Capes of Achievement.

Capes of Achievement are special capes that only people who reached level 99 on a specific skill can wear.

In other news:
  • A new breed of animals has been released. Herds of Desert Goats can now be found wandering around the Kharidian - um - Desert. Now there's a surprise!
  • Intrepid explorers who go hunting for these bleating beasts will find that they can collect goat horns, which, when powdered and mixed with Harralander, can make a new Combat potion. This magical (level 36) elixir combines the properties of a basic Attack Potion and Strength potion, so it's a handy addition to your inventory when heading into difficult combat situations.
  • Higher-level slayers may be pleased to hear that Duradel, the Slayer Master of Shilo Village, has finally restored Nechryael to his list of assignments.
  • Giant rats, bats and bears have had their models and animations upgraded.
  • Ever since the update to the combat interfaces, your attack style would be reset to Accurate mode if you switched weapons to a magic staff. This will no longer happen unless there is no appropriate attack style available on the staff to match your previous mode.
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