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Wednesday, 06 December 2006
The SWG website has published a very good article describing the expertise tree for commandos and explaining how the kill meter works.
Two classic examples of Commando expertise templates are also explained in details.

A short extract from the article:

Additional Tips

  • Diagnostic Armor is very helpful in PvP as many players will try to use damage over time effects against you.
  • Blast Resistance can reduce the area-of-effect attacks against you to zero damage. Most creatures and non-player characters do not use area-of-effect attacks, so it is not effective against them.
  • Grenades are predictable in PvP and easy to avoid, so most Commandos use heavy weapons and plan their expertise around it.
  • Remote Detonator is best used against non-player characters and creatures, although a group of commandos laying in wait on a battlefield near a choke point could easily take out an entire team of players with multiple detonators.


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