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Monday, 18 December 2006
Reynard the Scribe of The Britannia News Network wrote an article announcing what it could look as the end of the Ophidian War event.
"Britannians rejoice!" - Reynard the Scribe writes - "For at last, Justice is done this day!
Ricardo the Thief – escape artist, assassin, and war criminal – has at last received the judgment he so richly deserved. For inciting the Ophidian War, and being held responsible for the deaths of untold thousands, this hated man has finally been condemned to death for his crimes."

" It is with great pride that the BNN reflects upon our wise and fair legal system. Once again the balance tips and a man finds himself wanting upon its scales. Every man, woman, and child in the land can rest easy, knowing that should they ever go before the magistrates, they too shall know Justice firsthand. Walk in the Virtues, and none shall have need fear as Ricardo fears now.

The Royal Council has invited Casca of Heartwood, the famous attorney who won the kingdom’s victory in the courts, to Castle British for a state dinner later this week. Our readers may remember that Casca is one of the first elves to ever represent the citizenry in the courts, and the Royal Council wishes to officially commend his efforts.

Reactions throughout the kingdom have been overly positive, with citizens in Papua and Vesper openly celebrating in the streets. A small fraction of malcontents have voiced complaints over a few issues of no importance raised during the trial. They are but the fringe of popular opinion, however, and walking the streets it’s obvious what people truly think: “Justice for Ricardo! Death to Ricardo!”

Letters to the Editor:

‘Twould be a lie to say I have no doubts about this trial, but I feel, deep within my heart, that the truth has been revealed. ‘Tis hard for me to understand much about such a complex system, but I know what I know, and I know Ricardo is guilty!
- Valerie the Tailor, Britain

About time! Back in my day we’d a just taken him and hung him right there! That’s what I call Justice!
- Samuel the Tanner, Vesper

Upon Justice, we consider, that most noblest of Virtues, and Ricardo, of course, a nation could argue for, indeed, quite a long time. How much simpler, in fact, is our High Court, which deemeth him guilty, and so it must be!
- Edgar the Apprentice Scribe, Britain

We can never bring back those lost, but at least we can hold those responsible, responsible. May Ricardo meet the same fate the snakes gave my friends: the sharp end of a blade.
- Johnne the Jeweler, Papua

This is a travesty! Ricardo is so obviously innocent! Are our people blind?
- Sutek the Mage, Moonglow"
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