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Small patch for EverQuest E-mail
Monday, 18 December 2006
Before the weekend the EverQuest servers received a small patch fixing a few remaining annoying issues.
Before giving you the patch notes, we would like to remind you that the list of Hot Zones has been updated at the beginning of December as follows:
  • 20 Kurn's Tower
  • 25 Unrest
  • 30 Tower of Frozen Shadow
  • 35 Lower Guk
  • 40 The Hole
  • 45 Chardok
  • 50 Sebilis
  • 55 Grieg's End
  • 60 Cazic Thule
  • 65 Splitpaw

EverQuest Patch notes 14 December 2006

*** Tasks ***
  • Looting a stack of items should now update your tasks and quests appropriately.

*** Items ***
  • Keikolin`s Mindhaze Sleeves now have a chromatic damage focus effect instead of a magic damage focus effect.
  • Goru's Girdle of the Deceased now has Improved Parry IV instead of Improved Parry III.
  • Increased the damage on Fleshmelter, Lethar's Maul.
  • Ice-Striated Iron Orb should now function properly.
  • Reduced the weight on hot zone augments.
  • Items should now show their appropriate cast times.

*** Miscellaneous ***
  • Playing as a shroud that is significantly below your regular level now gives reduced experience while in a group environment just like it does while solo.
  • Instruments are now considered one-handed items regardless of which hand the instrument is in so you can wield an instrument and another item at the same time.  You cannot wield two instruments at the same time.
  • Healing a pet now generates much less agro than before.  Beware though, healing pets will still be noticed by NPCs and they will still be unhappy with the healer if the pet dies.
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