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Monday, 18 December 2006
The Anarchy Online expansion Lost Eden has been officially released!
An extensive FAQ is available here. Existing Anarchy Online customers can purchase the expansion through Funcom’s account pages. Simply log onto and follow the instructions.
New customers can order from the Funcom shop at


Fight the epic battle for control of Rubi-ka in space! All-new orbital battle stations take player-versus-player combat between Clan and Omni players to new heights.

Enter the heart of the organic alien motherships! Unleash your powers inside the terrifying alien invasion fleet while exploring mysterious and challenging indoor environments.

Go to war with missile launchers, gun turrets and call upon devastating air strikes! It’s time to fight for Notum tower control in a whole new way. Make the war count! Add your experience points to planet-wide research and gain terrible weapons of war, such as orbit-to-ground laser cannon attacks and upgraded battle-mechs.

Master and use devastating new battle-mechs! Unleash their potential for death on massive player-versus-player battlefields, in space and on the ground. Conquer a whole new range of weapons and armor as you battle across Rubi-ka in its darkest hour! ‘Lost Eden’ brings you on a journey ever closer to Armageddon.
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