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Another major Dofus update E-mail
Wednesday, 20 December 2006
The free to play french MMORPG Dofus has been busy in the past months releasing an update after the other .
The latest one was rolled in the live servers yesterday, bringing the client version up to 1.16.2. Check the full list of changes.

Dofus client 1.16.2 patch notes
Dungeons and Areas:
New dungeons will enable casual players to fight the rarest creatures of DOFUS. So come and discover the Minotoror Island and his maze, the Dragon Pig Maze and his Den, Lord Crow's Library and the Dreggon Sanctuary!

A covered market is now available and accessible from the map where the Astrub Zaap is. It allows players who want to auction their item to gather in one provided place without disturbing the other players.

Items and Gears:

New items and gears can be made by craftsmen. These items will complement certain item categories that were a bit down compared to some others.

Listing System:

Craftsmen can buy or make a profession rune. Once this rune is activated it enables them to be visible on the Craftsmen list indexing their profession, level and the profession options they have chosen.
Clients can consult this list of available craftsmen from any workshop.

Modifications of the Smithmagic System:

The smithmagic system has been completely revised. When the smithmagic failed, the item modified is no longer destroyed but it loses a percentage of its bonuses.

Thanks to new smithmagic runes, new effects can be placed on items to allow a better customization of the latter.

Item characteristics that are not at their utmost potential as from the beginning can be improved a lot more easily.

Item Recycle System:

Smithmagic runes can only be obtained by breaking items. Thanks to a Resource Crusher, any player will be able to break items and get a piece of rune corresponding to the effect of the item.

Profession Specialization:

The following specializations are now available: Shoemagus, Jewelmagus and Costumagus.

Specializations are now differentiated from professions and one single character can practice three professions and three specializations.

"Craft" Interface:

A new secured "craft" system allows clients to follow the creation of their item, to share their resources with craftsmen during the creation of an item and enables to craftsman to make sure he'll be paid for his work.

"Craft" System:

When creating an item, if the creation fails the item is no longer destroyed but its characteristics are being reduced. The item can earn back its original characteristics through the Smithmagic system.

Signing Items:

Craftsmen who perfectly master their art (level 100) can sign the item they make thanks to a special rune.
An item can be signed by the craftsman who's made it but also by the craftsman who's modified it (via smithmagic for example).

Monsters Size:

Monsters sizes can vary according to their level.

Chat Channels:

The Group or Guild channel enables the players to quickly find other players to quickly create a team or easily recruit new players.
This channel is common to all the players who are in the same area.

The Trading channel enables players to sell, buy and contact other players interested to make trading easier for everyone.
This channel is common to all the players who are in the same area.

The Get Together channel enables you to find your soul mate before going to the Church of Amakna! It also enables you to extend your Friend list.

The general running of the channels has been modified.

From now on, when a channel is deactivated, the client won’t receive the messages. The only channel not to have been changed is the Fight information channel (the client receives the messages even if the channel is deactivated enabling him to access the fight information even if it has been shut down). We separated the chat channels from the fight information channel and we generally modified the system to increase the message history capacity of each chat channel.

From now on, you can integrate magic words in your online discussions. These magic words will automatically be replaced by their real value. For example, %pos% will inform other players about your position and %stats% about your character's characteristics.

Link System towards an Item:

Thanks to the short cut "SHIFT + click on an item", it is possible to make the item name appear in the guild and trading channels and through private messages as well.

Thanks to this new functionality, the name of an item is directly linked to its description (with its effects and characteristics) that can easily be consulted by other players from guild and trading channels or through private messages.

Maps in the Dungeons:

Main dungeons are now equipped with a map to make it easier for the teams of players to move around and get organized.

System to help your trading:

An average price (based on the last purchases) is given as an indication in Marketplaces when buying or selling items.
This average price is specific to each Marketplace and is based on the purchases made in this specific marketplace.

Acceleration of the course of the fights:

In order to considerably accelerate the course of the fights, characters can run if they’re moving of 3 squares or more and monsters can also run if they're moving of 4 squares or more.


While we look for and set up a solution that will please most of our players - without altering the principles according to which Collectors work - we decided to forbid their putting down in the last rooms of the dungeons.


Mounts now have their own shortcut. "D" displays the Mount menu and "Shift+D" enables you to get on or off.

General Interface:

From now on, there are two new ways of displaying your remaining Health Points.

You can add players to your Enemy list. Private messages from these players will no longer be displayed.

Kwismas Event:

Several characters come from a far far far away island. They have frozen feet, boots full of snow and pockets full of surprises.
Go to the port of Madrestam if you want to find the man who will be able to take you on this mysterious island... But hurry up! It seems that this island won't be accessible forever... Indeed, at some point snow and ice will start to melt down...

Various modifications:


• From now on, the Pink Dragoone can be fed with any ghost pet.


• Piralaks now have a leap spell. Their number of Movement Points has been increased.
• The number of Movement Points of the Fisheralaks has been increased.
• The AP and MP loss resistances of the monster Moon have been reduced. From now on, there are several levels for this monster. Experience gained when defeating this monster has been increased.
• The AP and MP loss resistances of the Shin Larva have been reduced. From now on, there are several levels for this monster. Experience gained when defeating this monster has been increased.
• Resistances of the Pandikaze Warrior have been reduced.


• Suppression of the requirements for the Spring Leaf Amulet.
• The requirements of the Amplif’Hammer have been reduced.
• The rank requirements have been cancelled on all items (except for shields).


Further to the modification of the smithmagic system, the Ra-type and Pa-type runes can no longer be made (except the Ra Ini, Ra Pod, Pa Ini, and Pa Pod runes).


• You can no longer aggress someone from your Friend list.
• Sending symbols no longer disconnects the client.

Contrary to what we first stated, the "disconnection - connection" system will not be included in this update. We will wait and make big scale tests before launching this system to all our game servers.

The Ankama Team thanks all the players who actively participated to the different test steps of this update.

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