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Thursday, 04 January 2007
Today's update on the Runescape servers increased the power of a quest reward item and of the Magic Carpet, fixed a bug and introduced Barbarian Assault, a new members only minigame.

Ava's lab work has triumphed once more as her chicken knowledge expands. Users of the rewards from the Animal Magnetism quest will now notice that their devices now aid automatically in the recovery of fired missiles. This functionality operates for all arrow types commonly in use. Effects cannot, however, be guaranteed where obstacles lie between the wearer of the device and the fired arrows. All existing devices have had this enhancement fitted automatically; just equip your backpack, and your chicken will be ready to serve.

(In other words, the chicken will now retrieve most of the ammunition that would have otherwise dropped on the ground while you're ranging, but it can't do this if there's something in the way.)

It should also be noted that stocks of convenient scavenging materials in RuneScape are rather depleted. As a result, the arrow generation function of these devices has slowed considerably. Users should not be alarmed by this change which is due to natural effects beyond Ava's control.


In other news...

The games necklace has been updated to teleport players to the Barbarian Outpost as well as the Burthorpe Games Room.

Convenient right-click options have been added to the Magic Carpets and Gnome Gliders.

A bug has been fixed that was allowing players to cast Lunar spells on friends in non-multiway-combat areas of the Wilderness.

Now that the Christmas festivities have passed, the Gublinch cave has been sealed, the Karamjan snow has melted and Shantay Claws has sailed away to a distant land to learn more sea shanties; apparently the normal Karamjan climate doesn't suit werewolves. Players who'd rescued the childernapped childerkins (don't ask) and claimed their reward hat and tree will still have those items. Replacements may be obtained at any time from Diango in Draynor Village.


Deep below the Barbarian Outpost a new menace twitches and pulsates with anger, preparing wave after wave of shrieking, monstrous pummeling at the barbarians' expense... or is it some kind of strange training regime? Can these creatures have been put here on purpose? What are these strange mutants and why have they been caged beneath the earth?

Behold the Penance! The barbarians believe these vile creatures were spawned by the mighty gods to allow the people of RuneScape to show their allegiance through combat. A gargantuan arena has been built below the Barbarian Outpost for you to prove your worth, so head to the area and talk to Captain Cain.

Take up the challenge in this long-awaited minigame. As part of a team, choose which role you want to play against the deadly threat. You could be an attacker and hack your way through waves of slimy flesh, or become a defender, setting up traps and luring the monsters to a grisly death. Those of you who enjoy a fast pace of life could be a collector, sorting out the ammunition for the fierce launchers and unleashing havoc on the Penance below. The last role is that of the trusty healer - using poisonous substances against the Penance and ensuring your own team stays alive!

This is a team-based game, so the greatest rewards are for those willing to work together. Use barbarian horns to shout to your team and climb up to the mighty 'Horn of Glory' to let everyone hear your orders. You can choose to play with your friends and wander into one of the team rooms, or if you go to the quickstart room we will find a group of adventurers for you.

Working through the waves of monsters, you can level up your ability in the roles and improve your value as a fighter against the Penance. Other great rewards are available, including many items to be won - both new and old. These include a new armour set with multiple uses, gloves of lightness and many of your favourite rewards from other areas of the game, including dragon equipment.

Before starting you will be treated to a training tutorial, so you'll be ready to put your best tactics into play. This is also a safe minigame, with lots of expendable equipment (such as runes and arrows) provided for free.

So how about it? Anyone can show their penance, but it takes a real hero to help a barbarian assault!



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