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Monday, 22 January 2007
With an exaustive forum post, Zatozia, Community Relations Manager for Planetside, anticipates the content of the next coming game update featuring the Combat Engineering profession and new vehicles.

Combat Engineering
We're currently working on the Combat Engineering profession.  We're on target for the end of January / first week of February time frame for a release on to the Test Server.

As mentioned before, there will be two branches of the Combat Engineering profession - Offensive and Defensive.  We've already mentioned the specifics of what each role would be getting but we'll be working on the balance where needed.

Here's a sneak peek at what some of the new deployables look like:


We'll get more sneak peeks for you soon.

After the Combat Engineering project is completed, we'll be working on the vehicles we mentioned in the past - the buffed up Sunderer, the Galaxy Gunship, and the new and elusive Phantasm.  More details about these will be given as we get closer to working on them again.

Other Development Projects
After the vehicle project is completed, we'll be working on the Advance Hacking profession, next the Sniping profession, and then the Advanced Medical profession.

We'll be starting the event calendar back up again in February for the Tuesday and Thursday event days.  We'll also be working on some holiday events for the future.

We're working on the Outfit Wars schedule for the remaining battles and playoffs. The battles should start back up in February.

The dev chat will be making a return.  We're trying to schedule one in for February.

Note:  The priority order could change but this is what we have planned out so far.
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