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Tuesday, 30 January 2007
The UO Stratics team attended the EA Mythic press event during the which the state of the next coming Ultima Online client was presented. Their interesting report is followed by some good pictures. Let's hope it is not the usual EA vaporware also this time.

From the article:
"Producer Aaron Cohen and Lead Designer Nick "DragonHead" Corea were there to show off the largest investment EA has made to the game since their acquisition, the newest expansion: Kingdom Reborn. Kingdom Reborn is due out sometime spring of '07. As DragonHead showed off the current Legacy client being used on UO servers, Aaron showed the exact same areas with KR. The new client will be distributed free of charge to subscribers and includes a complete artistry redesign of all areas, and effects. Kingdom Reborn also includes upgrades to the inventory system including a "loot all" button. Also, auto-stacking and one click inventory usage will be available."

"While KR will make the UO we all know and love come to life in a new way, the client upgrade is both free and completely voluntary, for now. All new expansions, including the summer release UO: Stygian Abyss, will require the KR client to be used. Once enough people have downloaded KR phasing out the Legacy client will commence"
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