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Tuesday, 30 January 2007
Build-a-Buff is a new system of Inspiration Buff that replaces the existing system and gives Entertainers the ability to provide unique, custom buffs for their customers. Entertainers will be able to select from a wide range of modifiers and effects which are combined to create a single buff tailored to the needs of their patron.

This new Inspiration System is easy to use for both the Entertainer and the patron. Similar to the way it operates now, the patron first “watches” or “listens” to the Entertainer. If the Entertainer wishes to inspire their patron, they use their “Inspire” command with the patron targeted.

This will bring up the Build-a-Buff interface. A list of modifiers and effects are displayed, organized by categories. The Entertainer can then begin selecting the effects they wish to apply. Most effects can be stacked multiple times for greater benefit. Entertainers have a limited number of “Buff Points” to spend on creating their buff and the cost of different effects vary.

The Entertainer may also enter a credit cost for the service in the window. When the Entertainer is finished, she hits the “Accept” button. The Patron sees a window listing the effects that will be applied and the credit cost. If they find the offer agreeable, they may also hit “Accept”. The buff is applied with the listed effects and credits automatically and securely transferred to the Entertainer.

The Build-a-Buff Inspiration System is available to all Entertainers. For those who wish to specialize in Inspiration, Expertise Points can be spent to increase the number of “Buff Points” to spend to allow more modifiers and effects to be applied. In addition, Expertise are also available for purchase that will allow the Entertainer access to special packages that allow different and more powerful effects to be added to their custom buffs.

A wide range of effects means there's something for Entertainers to offer everyone regardless of class or level. This easy to use, robust system will give Entertainers an exciting and lucrative new way to please their customers.

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