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Friday, 16 February 2007
On the 14th of February, Guild Wars received not one, but two updates: one related to the New Year's Festival, and the other one with the usual skills/monsters/zone adjustments.

Update - Wednesday February 14
  • Made further preparations for this weekend's Canthan New Year event.
  • Removed sounds from miniatures.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some titles to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to crash when loading skill templates.

Update - Wednesday February 14

To usher in the New Year’s Festival, Emperor Kisu requested a cinquain be written by the royal poet laureate, Wi Liam. Messengers have been dispatched to every corner of the realm to read the official New Year’s poem to the populace:

It's time!
Canthan New Year
Festival has begun.
Quests, races, fortunes, and a feast

Skills and Attributes Panel
  • The Skill Bar displayed in the Skills and Attributes panel now allows the player to change the order of equipped skills while in a mission or explorable area.
  • The Skill Bar displayed in the Skills and Attributes panel can be expanded into a set of full descriptions by a new button on the bar itself.
  • The "Sort by:" drop list has been removed and replaced by the following iconic drop menus:
    • Sorting Method, which offers all the options the "Sort by:" drop list used to offer.
    • Display Mode, which offers "Display as a list," "Display as a small grid," and "Display as a large grid.”

  • Added an option to the Hero Control panel that forces Heroes to drop the currently carried bundle. This option is mainly useful for forcing Ritualist Heroes to drop urns created by skills.
  • Added Skill and Equipment Template Summaries to all template-related panels.
  • The Performance Monitor is now customizable so that you can change its position and visibility.
  • You can now log out to the Character Select screen by hitting the “Character Select” button on the logout dialog.
  • Challenge missions now track high scores differently and show the top 50 scores. They now track quarterly best scores instead of all-time best scores. They also track scores internationally across all game territories.
  • Added a trophy to the Great Temple of Balthazar for the Wintersday Tournament Championship.
  • Replaced the “Gain Olias” and “Gain Zenmai” Hero quests. The new quests "All for One, and One for Justice" and "Chasing Zenmai" are now received in the Consulate Docks in Guild Wars Nightfall. Those who have already completed these quests will be unable to take the new versions.
  • The “kill count” objective has been removed temporarily from rotation in the Hall of Heroes. This change was made to better facilitate testing of 8v8.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Capture Points” objective in the Hall of Heroes, which was sometimes causing the wrong team to be awarded victory.
  • Changed Mallyx the Unyielding’s “Summoning Shadows” skill to work through doors, and changed its casting requirements.
  • You can now use miniatures in towns and outposts. Only 20 miniatures can be used at a time per district.
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