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Monday, 05 March 2007
The first Vanguard patch, including new weapons, new non playable races and a few area revamps have been released. Here are the details.

Vanguard Update #1

Whether it be in the desert sands or the swamps of the Deadlands, Vanguard Update #1 brings you some dirty villains to fight, new weapons to kill them with, and new places to kill them in!

On Tuesday, March 6th 2007, Vanguard Update #1 will go live. It will be a much larger patch than usual as not only will there be new content but a great deal of additional art as well. Update #1 includes:

Dozens of new weapon models
Six brand new NPC races to battle
Two new mid to high level adventuring areas
Nine dungeons with revamped art and/or lighting

Details are below!

New Weapons

Below are just a few examples of some of the new weapon models that are included.

New NPC Races

The Djinn
The legend of the djinn revolves around an unremarkable lamp with the power to grant the owner three wishes…with a catch. Any wish that the djinn grants, an equal but opposite effect will afflict one whom the lamp owner loves. An old Qalian king discovered one such lamp buried deep beneath the endless dunes in a long forgotten palace. Using a powerful magical artifact, the king bent the will of the djinn within the lamp to grant unlimited wishes. The djinn granted any wish the king demanded and watched as the king became overcome by the power of the lamp. The desire to rule over his kingdom, expand his empire, bolster his armies, and even to live gradually faded away until the djinn was able to overpower the weakened king. The agenda of the djinn is unknown, but the story makes it clear that the djinn’s charisma, graciousness, and generosity are surpassed by only the malevolence that unveils itself once the king’s soul became enslaved.

The Mnalus
The mnalus reside around the temple of Hegnerian, deep within the Gorgalog swamps of Thestra. Relatively new to the world of Telon, these beings came into existence after the wrath of Hegnerian subsided. Possessing predatory instincts, cunning wit, and immense magical capabilities, these fungus creatures are a surprisingly powerful force. The land in which they inhabit quickly warps and contorts as healthy land is torn away to make room for the venomous mushrooms which sprout and grow to massive proportions in a matter of days. Extremely territorial, these creatures attack anything which invades their land. The other civilizations within the swamp are seemingly powerless to contend with the fungus and their incredible capability to slaughter with physical and magical combat.

The Mudmen
There is debate amongst the academic community as to the nature of these strange creatures.  Some claim that these “men of mud” were created by a mad wizard in ages long past, others claim that they naturally sprung forth from their environments.  Whatever the case, Telon is home to a variety of these strange mud-like creatures.  Ranging from small pests to massive oily behemoths, the mud men can be found throughout Telon not only in swampy, muddy areas but also in the depths of ancient caverns.

The Sand Giants
Descended from the giant explorers from Torsheim, the sand giants of Qalia are far less powerful than their ancient kin. Separated from the magical powers of the giant homeland for over a thousand years, the sand giants wander the desert wastes wreaking havoc upon all they encounter.  It is not unheard of for sand giants to be found amongst small mercenary bands, or as the cohorts of other more nefarious organizations. The sand giants themselves have no nation and no allegiances to anyone aside from those they choose for themselves.

The Ichtakhta
The ichtakhta are another civilization that quickly evolved after the wrath of Hegnerian. These beings possess vast psionic capabilities and very rarely converse with the use of underdeveloped vocal cords. While territorial, this species exhibits the desire to work and build relationships with those whom can increase the power of their civilization for little in return. Introverted by nature, the general populous of the ichtakhta rarely leave their awe-inspiring homes built within the coastal cliff sides. If the ichtakhta do leave their homeland, it would be to feed on the gorgaloks to the east or war with the mnalus to the south. Extremely adept in their mental capabilities, the ichtakhta have been witnessed expelling droves of enemies in all directions with a simple thought. Their hardened body grants them exceptional ability in physical combat as well, making it incredibly difficult to inflict damage upon them with contemporary weaponry.

The Xennu
Long ago the race of xennu possessed the most advanced technology Telon had ever seen. With devices powered by giant crystals excavated from deep beneath the ground, the xennu drew from almost limitless power.  And then, they were gone.  Only mysterious clues remain as to the fate of so many.  An intrepid group of gnomes believes the xennu sealed themselves in great vaults deep beneath Telon, and set guardians to watch over the key.  If only the peoples of Telon could uncover this vault, and the secrets that lie within…

Revamped Areas

Deep Swamp
Along with the rest of the Gorgalog swamp, this land was once filled with rich and flourishing forest. The war between the high elven sorcerer, Hegnerian, and the Cartheon Empire left the land in desolation from the sheer display of power that the sorcerer possessed. After the high elven sages of Leth Nurae managed to imprison Hegnerian within his temple, the once flourishing land begin to reshape itself and take on a new life. A civilization of insectoids, the ichtakhta, quickly evolved due to remnants of Hegnerian’s terrible magic that were scattered around his temple. Although a swamp, the land itself is rich with nutrients that feed all civilizations in the area. The palace of the ichtakhta civilization rests between the great cliffs and provides a vantage point to survey the lands surrounding them.

The Gorgalog swamp encompasses much of southern Thestra. All of which used to be a flourishing woodland of high elven domain. After the great battle between the Cartheon Empire and the sorcerer Hegnerian, the woodland quickly gave way to the swamp of the Gorgalog. The swamp in this area stretches as far as the eye can see and provides little direction for travelers daring to venture into it.

Controlled by an amphibious race of beings, the gorgalok, the entire swamp is host to their hunt. As it stretches westward towards the gorgolok’s enemies, the ichtakhta, the desolate swamp becomes a battlefield littered with the casualties of the struggle between the two races. To the east remains the only remnants of the once great woodland and the home of the fearsome treants which provide, unwillingly, the wood to build the great fires for the gorgalok. The mnalus and their contagion exist to the south and are quickly spilling into the heart of the Gorgalog swamp.

Relit Dungeons

We also went through and greatly improved the lighting effects in some of our most popular dungeons. Below are a few examples.

Deep Swamp


Kalendra’s Coven

Nusibe Necropolis

Vol Tuniel

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