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Planetside: subscription price increase E-mail
Monday, 05 March 2007
In the last Planetside newsletter that we received we have been informed that the subscription price has been increased by $ 2.00 per month. Here is the full copy paste of the notice.

PlanetSide Subscription price increase effective April 2, 2007.

Dear PlanetSide Subscriber,

We want to give you some important information regarding your PlanetSide subscription. Effective April 2, 2007, the new monthly subscription rate will increase by US$2.00 to US$14.99 per month (not including applicable taxes). The new subscription rates will apply to all PlanetSide subscription plans including multi-month subscriptions (please see new rates listed below).

We know that rate increases are never popular but over the course of the past several years we have invested in technology and resources to expand the game's service and support infrastructure. We have also incurred increases in operational and bandwidth costs – all without a corresponding rate increase for PlanetSide. We are proud of the progress we have made for you, our customers, in the areas of game experience and customer support enhancements and efficiency. This change is driven by our sincere commitment to provide a consistently high quality entertainment experience in our game worlds.

You don't have to do a thing; you will automatically be migrated to the new rate under your existing subscription plan when your current subscription plan comes up for renewal on or after April 2, 2007. We appreciate your support and look forward to your continued participation in the world of PlanetSide.

New PlanetSide subscription rates as of April 2, 2007

Monthly Subscription Plan:
US$14.99 per month

Multi-month Subscription Plans:
$41.99 – 3 Month Subscription
$77.99 – 6 Month Subscription
$143.99 – 12 Month Subscription

PlanetSide subscriptions are recurring, meaning you will continue to be billed at the appropriate subscription interval, until you affirmatively cancel your subscription. Subscription fees are subject to tax and value-added tax, as applicable.

For more information about the rate adjustment please visit:

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