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City of Heroes: more info on Invention E-mail
Tuesday, 13 March 2007
The first reports from the Game Developer's Conference are coming and we are finally getting more information about the next City of Heroes Issue (we are at the ninth one) and Invention system. The Invention system will be a kind of "crafting" system, wich will allow player to build any kind of enhancements or costume.

The latest thing that has been made available is the Issue 9 demo video. Check it out at Warcry.

Gamespot has also a short preview of the same Issue 9: "The game will also add a new "epic raid" adventure for high-level City of Heroes characters called "Statesman's Taskforce," which will let accomplished hero players take on a challenging new adventure--this will be the heroic equivalent of the epic-level raid that City of Villains players may already perform to fight against the powerful Statesman character. It will also include a revamped version of the high-level "Hamadon" raid with a revised "Abyss" area inhabited by powerful monsters that must be defeated to force the mighty Hamadon enemy to appear. Once defeated, this enemy might drop a powerful new enhancement or a new crafting recipe for a rare item--recipes will also act as rare rewards in the new issue."
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