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ToonTown introducing new trolley games E-mail
Monday, 19 March 2007
A ToonTown Test server update has introduced four new cool trolley games: Diving Game, Pairing Game, Target Game, and Vine Game.

March 16, 2007 [sv1.0.26.1.test]

Attention TEST Toons! Grab some friends and head to your nearest Trolley Station to check out four new TOONtastic Trolley Games! And between 12:00pm and 6:00pm, a new Trolley Holiday will take place where you and your friends can cast secret votes to determine which game the Trolley takes you to next, while possibly earning bonus Jellybeans to boot!
  • Details of the Travel Game during Trolley Holiday:
  • There are four (4) new Trolley Games, tentatively named: Diving Game, Pairing Game, Target Game, and Vine Game.
  • During the Trolley Holiday, the Travel Game is played along with a set number of Trolley Games, with the Travel Game first followed by a Trolley Game etc... for a total of six (6) rounds.
  • Use votes to help control the Trolley towards a particular Trolley Game destination. Unused votes will be converted into Jellybeans at the end of the game, but you will earn a lot more by trying to steer the Trolley towards your secret goal which will net you lots of Jellybeans! Don't get out-voted by others!
  • After each Trolley Game the Jellybeans you earn will be converted into more votes for use to help control the Trolley. At the end of the Travel Game, unused votes will be multiplied by a number for a total number of Jellybeans earned. The size of the multiplier and number of bonus Jellybeans at your secret goal is determined by the number of Toons playing in each session.
Other notes on the new Trolley Games:
  • In the multiplayer version of the Pairing Game, each Toon can only flip over one card at a time so you must work together to find matches.
  • In the Diving Game, use the "UP" arrow key to move your Toon towards the direction he or she is pointed. The "DOWN" arrow key does not make your Toon dive! Use the "LEFT" and "RIGHT" arrow keys to turn your Toon towards the bottom of the ocean and use the "UP" arrow to dive deeper.
  • In the Target Game, make sure to keep steering your Toon with the arrow keys after you've opened your umbrella for that perfect landing!
  • *** KNOWN ISSUES*** In the Vine Game, the vines have a graphics problem that makes them look very odd. Also when the time runs out it takes a while for the game to transition to the Jellybean award screen, please be patient as the game is not locked up/frozen. We will fix these issues with the Vine Game upon next release.
  • *** KNOWN ISSUE *** Currently when you enter your house on your Estate you will crash. Please refrain from going into your house and instead play lots of Trolley Games! We will fix this problem on the next release.
*** Mac Toons Please Note ***

The new update is currently not available for our Mac Toons. We sincerely apologize and appreciate your understanding and patience. We are working as fast as we can to make the Mac client for this update available upon next release.
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