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UO Test Center to be wiped E-mail
Thursday, 22 March 2007
After the Origin shard, it is now the turn of Test Center to be wiped. All characters and houses will be completely deleted and a patch will be applied. Patch notes follows:


  • Test Center will be wiped - this means all characters and houses will be deleted.
  • The Shrines of Compassion, Justice, and Sacrifice have been cleansed and the spawns have been turned off, to make it easier for everyone to test the later portions of the quests.
  • The Candle of Love event has begun! Allow me to direct your attention to the west coast of the Windemere, east of Minoc and north of Vesper, where a reputedly ferocious demon has been spotted...
  • The dungeon Wrong has been retaken by evil mages, lizardmen, ogres, trolls, and other ferocious monsters...
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