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Thursday, 22 March 2007
This time it's the turn of Cows, Chickens, Rabbits to have a complete graphical redesign in Runescape! But we have many more updates also, like a new goblin cave to explore, some new possibility for crafting and camping training, a new monster and a very difficult agility course.

Avast, ye landlubbers! Murphy at Port Khazard has discovered a new spot teeming with fish for his trawler! He can't haul in this bountiful booty by his lonesome, though. With more high-quality fishy things to catch (those with the ability to catch manta rays and turtles, for example, are likely to catch quite a few more on the trawler than they could previously), it's time to strap on your Fishing gear, fix those leaks and start reaping the rewards.

Bring your friends along for a voyage on the high seas, but don't be afraid to get wet! The more friends that set sail, the greater the chance of more fish. Murphy has also fashioned himself a handy bank deposit box to allow you to send your fish straight to your bank (assuming you have the space, of course)!

RuneScape's Group of Advanced Gardeners (G.A.G.) recently commissioned the Makeover Mage to improve the appearance of their favourite animals. Sadly, the Mage was deeply involved in business with the Dorgeshuun, so he/she couldn't attend. Always resourceful, though, G.A.G. got some help from the Oneiromancer to tap into the Makeover Mage's dreams, so they could then manipulate him/her to cast the appropriate spells in his/her sleep. They're a cunning bunch, those farmers.

To cut a needlessly long story short, cows, chickens and rabbits now look fabulously new and shiny, and are sure to be a joy for players to slaughter!

Fighters, fishers and deforesters alike may be pleased to hear that we've adjusted the game engine so that you don't stop fighting, fishing or felling trees when you rearrange items in your inventory. Similarly, we've made some changes to the prayer interface so that the buttons will light up as soon as you click them instead of waiting for the signal to reach the game servers, just like they used to do before last week's update.

The anchor from the Great Brain Robbery quest has had its stats boosted one more time. Its strength bonus has risen from 87 to 100 and its crush attack has increased from 80 to 92. On far-off Mos Le'Harmless, Smithing Smith has decided to change the fee he charges for repairing all broken anchors, so he'll now demand 230k coins to make your new anchors ship-shape and ready for head-pounding action.

Finally, there's a new button on the login screen that lets you move between game worlds more easily (unfortunately it is not available if you're using the unsigned version of the applet).

After much deliberation, the Dorgeshuun Council has decided to open the doors of Dorgesh-Kaan to surface-dwellers. Those adventurers who have completed Death to the Dorgeshuun may now enter the secret city of the cave goblins.

The first visitor to the city was the Makeover Mage, hired by the council to make the city presentable for its grand opening. Despite their concern at the presence of outsiders, even the humble citizens have submitted themselves to the Makeover Mage's skills, and they're all pleased with the results.

Inside the city you will find a marketplace specialising in exotic foods - which, for the cave goblins, means anything from the surface! You can attempt to sell any foods you like to the gourmets in the market, but the cave goblins have fickle tastes and a keen eye for trends, so you will find the prices changing as they become more used to certain foods. Vary your stock and you can reap the financial rewards that await the cunning merchant.

Also in the city, adventurers will find that they can practice their Crafting and Firemaking by helping to maintain the city's unique magical lighting system. Any adventurers prepared to abuse the cave goblins' trust will find rich pickings for skilled thieves. There is also a magical inventor who has found a way of making the city easier for surface-dwellers to reach, so you should look for him if you want to visit often.

Beyond the city is another area of the Lumbridge Swamp Caves populated by familiar monsters, plus a new one: the mysterious molanisk. Only adventurers with enough skill and the right equipment will be able to entice them off the walls to fight. Some of the cave bugs in this area have also grown to enormous proportions, and might provide a better option for experienced Slayers who receive cave bugs as an assignment.

High above the molanisks' heads is the magical power generator that the cave goblins use to power their city. The generator is a remarkable piece of technology, but prone to breaking down, and those with remarkable Agility will be able to help out by locating spare parts. Smashed pylons and old cables form the most difficult Agility course in the game, and crossbow-fired grappling hooks will also be useful to make the most of it.

On top of all this, there are plenty of ordinary cave goblins to talk to, and if you search the city you will find your old friend Zanik wandering around. She is dying to see you again, so grab your lantern and make the journey to Dorgesh-Kaan!

Requirements to enter Dorgesh-Kaan

Death to the Dorgeshuun

Requirements for new content
(Each of the 6 new things can be done separately, so there should be something for everyone.)
Level 70
Level 87
Level 52
Level 39
Level 36
Level 52/78
Agility Course
Crafting lightorbs
Firemaking lightorb repairs
Slayer molanisk
Thieving pickpocketing
Thieving chests


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