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DAOC Grab Bag E-mail
Monday, 16 April 2007
Weren't the DAOC grab bags coming on Fridays? I think so, but anyway today is Monday and there is one Laughing

Q: What is the status of the broken Mytherian items?

A: We’ve got them all listed, and I am told the team will be working on the for the next patch. Whether or not we can fix everything (for instance, Mytherian items are SUPPOSED to raise your stat caps) remains to be seen, but we will do our best.

Q: Is there any news about the UI revamp?

A: We’ve got some “quick fix” stuff in testing for 1.90. The bigger revamps are still scheduled for this year, but we may be reorganizing the immediate schedule soon. Stay tuned for updates and status checks, as always.

Q: Since 1.88a, I noticed that my pet would get set to passive randomly on my Bonedancer, and I'm not referring to when a stealther uses vanish, or stealths up when the pet was attacking him...  It happened a few times when I was just sitting at a keep, and a couple more times during 8v8...seems completely random to me... Is this a bug?

A: We’ve got this in our bug tracker, and we’re investigating. But as you say, there seems to be a “random” element. I have random in quotes, there, because these things aren’t really random, it’s just that we don’t have enough data to see the pattern. Until we can duplicate the problem on command, a fix is not possible. If this happens to you, try to be as specific as possible in your report in terms of where you are, what you are doing, and with whom you are fighting. Every little bit helps.

Q: Since the archery changes I don’t seem to auto acquire a target when getting hit (archery issue only) and hitting the “last attacker” button sometimes doesn’t work. When they do show up in the target window after shooting me, it appears to occur after multiple targets.

A: We’re actively working on this one. Sorry I don’t have more information, but I wanted to at least let you know we were aware of the problem.

Q: I have registered with the newsletter link two times. I got two confirmation emails, but no news letter. Am I going to get the free stuff?

A: We haven’t sent a new newsletter yet! I’ll post on the Herald when the next one goes out – mid-May. And yes, you will get the free stuff. I will post when that happens, too.

Q: Is it possible to save DAOC onto a 5 GB thumb drive and be able to run the program?

A: It would be kind of cool to be able to haul your MMO around in your pocket, so I asked.

Our Wookie Techie responded: “It should work in both XP and Vista.  File access will be beyond dog slow as even with USB2.0 the "disk access time" of a thumb drive is pitiful. So anything that required a lot of disk access for loading (like zoning, etc) would take a lot longer then normal.”

And Redbeard, our coder with the… red beard, told me: “Any files the client creates will be on the main hard drive of the computer you’re using, so you won't be able to just take the thumbdrive with you and have all your settings move with you too.”

But it would, technically, be possible – even though I suspect “a lot longer” translates to “pure horror.”

The mind, it reels. 

Q: Is it possible to craft a glowy weapon? If not, can you make it possible?

A: The Trade Goddess has it on her plan. Cross your fingers that it survives testing.

Q: I have been told by a few people that + to valor doesn't do anything or that it only helps with mob resists, what does + to valor actually do? Is it like + to pac? Thanks!

A: From the somewhat exhausted Redheaded Stepchild: “+Valor items will increase damage for the Direct Damage spell line in valor.”

Q: I enjoy leveling up my new Mauler in the old stomping grounds. Why hasn't anything been done to the loot tables on mobs you have recently upped the level of in areas like Galpen, and Gna Faste?  They are around level 30 mobs, but they are dropping the same old level 15ish loot, which isn't stackable, and sells for a couple of copper.  Any plans on making adjustments so I can earn some coin while enjoying the classic content?

A: The updates were actually quite awhile ago, in development terms. But we’re always glad to take a look at areas that are as off as you say. You can help out tremendously by submitting bug reports (because it’s actually a bug when there’s a fifteen level discrepancy as you describe) that tell us the zone, the /loc of where you are hunting, the monster you are killing, and an example of the terrible loot.

Q: I had achieved top listing for Hibernia Alchemy on my server, with a capped score of 1148. After the crafting change, another player achieved the same score, but moved ahead of me on the Herald. I don't believe this is fair nor correct, because the dedicated crafter who achieved the top score first, should be listed first, IMHO.

A:  I entirely agree with you. And I can’t do anything about it.

The trouble is, the Herald only knows what we tell it to know. The system is based on multiple layers of code that is in some places more than five years old. When the Herald updates its charts every day, the newest entry with the same number goes on top.

If I win the lottery and am able to devote a team just to streamlining and designing the Herald with the things I know now, the first person to achieve a particular score will remain on top for as long as he – or she – is a subscriber.

Q: Regarding the note in 1.88a: ..."offer ML credit, artifact credit, and scrolls in exchange for stories from the frontiers (represented by bounty points). Credit is obtained by purchasing the tokens they sell, then handing the tokens to them."

Could you make these tokens be tradable? Either way, thanks a TON for putting this in.

A: From our Bearded Wonder: “The idea behind the BP items is to give the person that gains the BPs some nice items or help them eliminate some PVE elements and concentrate just on PVP.

“Making them tradeable would just make it easy for people to ‘twink’ out characters that have little or no RVR experience.  As noted above, we want to reward players that RVR and allow them to continue doing so with less PVE if they so desire.”
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