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Monday, 14 May 2007
Here is the most update changelog available for the 17.4 version of Anarchy Online. This future patch will be focused on new quest series to the Adonis playfield and on a new alien playfield for mid-level players. Some other interface and gameplay changes are also expected.

17.4 Update Preview

The History of Adonis

The mysteries of Adonis will be investigated as players can embark on a series of great story quests that begin to unravel the mystery of the ancient Xan and the pinnacle of their civilisation, the great city of Adonis.

  • Aid the ancient Yuttos and the scientists of Jobe to uncover the secrets of Adonis.

  • Complete over forty new quests.

  • Uncover the dark secrets of the ancient Xan and what befell their once great civilisation.

  • Earn new rewards and items including new Brain Symbiants / Spirit for the final quests.

Sector 10

The Unicorn company will be enlisting the help of mid-level players in fighting the alien menace in a new non-instanced open alien playfield. As the Unicorns continue to explore the Outzone they have come across a new alien staging area that is being classified as Sector 10, they will need your help to help confront the alien forces.

  • New playfield for players up to level 150

  • Fight new bosses and mini-bosses while exploring the chasms of Sector 10

  • Complete new missions and quests inside the playfield

  • Earn yourself new items and armor from battle against the alien hordes

Multiple Hotbars

Players will now have access to multiple hotbars in the GUI. Up to ten separate hotbar banks will be able to be visible in the client GUI. The number visible will be able to be customised from the options menu.

Each bank maintains its ten lines of slots, so in total that's ten bars with ten lines of ten slots. This means you'll be able to have a hundred icons visible with a thousand that can be cycled through.

You will be able to toggle which of the ten bars is currently your active hotbar. (i.e. which hotbar accepts the keyboard shortcut commands)

Gameplay Features

Of course the updates aren't just about the new content, and there will be the usual host of new game updates and changes, here are some of the things you can expect to see in 17.4

  • The damage cap in PVP combat will be lowered from 40% to 30%

  • Added a new option so players can choose whether zooming in places them in first person mode or not.

  • New OFAB Vendor items in the shape of new back armors

  • A host of new veteran items added to the veterans vendor

  • New birthday items in time for the sixth anniversary celebrations!

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