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New MMORPG commercial engine available E-mail
Tuesday, 29 May 2007
The people working on The Chaos Engine sent us a note to let us know that their software is now available for commercial licensing. The Chaos Engine is a professional MMORPG development platform which includes 3D tools, integrated client and server architecture. The official press release follows.

Portland, OR -- May 28, 2007 -- Chaos Software Group announced today that its Massively Multiplayer Development Platform is now commercially available for licensing. The Chaos Engine is a complete integrated platform for the efficient development of MMORPG`s or massively-multiplayer-online-roleplaying titles.

With over $2 billion in world wide sales and rising at a projected $1 billion per year according to DFC Intelligence, Massivley Multiplayer games are the fastest growing segment of the video game market. There are Millions of users around the world that play together in online worlds such as EverQuest, World of Warcraft , Lord of the Rings Online , and many more.

The Chaos Engine Technology Suite is a total development solution consisting of an integrated group of performance server applications, robust tools and cutting edge 3D client specifically designed for the efficient development of high quality, complex software applications. It provides the power that allows you to focus on your core business of software production, instead of risking your project on unproven, time-consuming and costly development cycles. Developing with the technology provides licensees a major advantage by reducing risk, cost, and time.

Chaos Software Group demonstrates the development platform by allowing potential licensees to log into a sprawling online game world that serves to demonstrate the platforms capabilities. The development platform can reduce time to market by as much as 1-2 years.
Licensees can also take advantage of a library containing thousands of professionally produced game-ready assets.

Chaos Software Group is a software development studio which aims to be a leading developer of advanced technology platforms for developers in the billion dollar global market place for massively multiplayer online video games. It has a focus on professional, commercial development for interactive content. The company provides comprehensive development solutions in the form of development tools , integrated client, and server architecture that provide power , ease of use , and scalability. Its technology provides a proven middleware platform for developers of interactive applications of all types.
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