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Ryzom: new patch on public test E-mail
Monday, 16 July 2007
A new Ryzom patch is available in the advanced test Server. The update introduce a new system that changes Stamina consumption based on weapons weight.

  • Important feature concerning melee users: your consumption of Stamina will depend on the weight of your weapon.
    It is important for us to get your feedback on this point as this will most likely change your fighting habits. The goal of this change is to make the melee fights more interesting and to give a meaning to the "weight" statistic of weapons. Crafters are welcome to try new recipes to provide different kind of weapons and help testing combat. [ Leave feedback on Weight/Stamina ]
  • You will find the ergonomic improvements listed here.
  • You will be able to choose to have your camera recenter automatically or not.
  • The rule will change when using healing actions in PvP; you shouldn't be kicked out of team anymore. Read more here.
  • You sap crystals will stack.
  • You may receive one or two new titles related to your allegiances.
  • You will notice female homins have female titles.
  • Some titles will be changed according to your feedback on the document published here.
  • RoS: Chiang the Strong will be less chatty and will only welcome you. A female Zoraï will be the NPC giving directions inside the Rangers camp and information about Homins and Factions. Thanks to her, refugees won't be lost anymore.
  • A deactivable pop-up will appear when you "die" to explain how it works. [ Leave feedback on these points ]

Note: in this ATS (Advanced Test Server) version only the French version is complete; if you play in English or German, you will see most of the new texts in French.

How to go to the ATS

The ATS is open to all our Ryzom subscribers. You will find there a save of your characters from April 2007. Make a copy of your entire "Ryzom" folder, rename it "Ryzom ATS" to avoid any confusion and replace the "client.cfg" file of your "Ryzom ATS" folder with this one.

To go to the ATS, simply double-click on the file "client_ryzom_rd.exe" in your Ryzom ATS folder and log in with your usual login.
Note: you will have to create a new character on the ATS if you started playing Ryzom after April.
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