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Friday, 28 September 2007
All DAOC servers are up with 1.90a patch installed. Here are the patch notes, including also some hotfixes released right after the patch.


Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.90a Release Notes
Frontiers, Tradeskills and Siegecraft


  • Players will no longer be given Realm missions to capture keeps which do not exist or are already owned by their own realm.
  • The icons associated with the portal stones (personal house, guild house, and personal bind) have been updated so they represent their destination. Previously the 'use' icons were displayed as a shield for all three stones.
  • The Dragonslayer Armor Sets, the Cloaks of Might and Magic, and the Medal's of Honor received during the Dragon Campaign will no longer lose durability when repaired. Due to this change, these items can no longer be repaired by players. Any lost durability on these items can now be repaired along with lost condition at a NPC Smith.
  • Reavers now have two new options when choosing their Guild Gifts at levels 10, 15, 20, and 25. They can now choose between a Thrust or Slash weapon in addition to the Flexible and Crush weapon choices originally available.
  • Healers and Shaman are no longer offered weapons with melee bonus on them for their Guild Gift choices at 10, 15, 20, and 25. They can now choose between two hammers: a two-handed version and a one-handed version, both with appropriate bonuses.
  • Hunters are no longer offered axe and hammer rewards, which they are unable to use, for their Guild Gift choices at 10, 15, 20, and 25.
  • Druids are no longer offered weapons with melee bonuses as their Guild Gift choices at 10, 15, 20, and 25. They can now choose between a sword and a hammer, both with appropriate bonuses.
  • The Svartalf teleporter now correctly asks for the keyword "guild" instead of "house" when porting players to their guild house.
  • Fixed an issue where the Black Velvet-lined Armguards would sometimes display in the legs slot.
  • Freagus, the stable master in Ardee, will no longer indicate that he is a glimmer when spoken to.
  • The spell icon for Replenish now correctly indicates that it is a self-only spell instead of a group target spell.
  • The /use spell icons of the 'Draught of Power' potions now indicate that they are self-only effects.
  • Once imbued into an object, the Stable Greater Celeric Arcanium Tincture now has the proper icon for a self-melee haste buff.
  • The 'Ticket to Huginfel' is now spelled correctly by Stable Masters.

  • The Dragonslayer Journeymen have been given new names and icons. Los Ortiz now resides in Grimspound, Amaravasa Das in Svarhamr, and Chareos in Tailtiu.
  • The First of Many quests have been updated and are now given by Commander Hayward in Cornwall, Sentry Thunt in Gna Faste, and Glerraent in Innis Carthaig.
  • The Old Stone and Living Wood quests are no longer available.
  • The three-dragon epic encounter is now a triggered spawn. Players who have completed the Great Hunt can speak with Elia, Skipta, or Lirazal to obtain the quest for the trigger item.

  • Woodworking will now level as a secondary skill with Siegecrafting; however, there is no minimum skill in Woodworking required for Siegecrafting recipes.
  • Siegecraft Supply merchants in housing have been updated to reflect the changes to Siegecrafting.
  • The recipe for the Strong Siege Ram Apparatus will now correctly ask for one strong siege beak instead of one strong siege ram.
  • Siegecraft - The ballista ammunition types, field bolts and thunder bolts, have been adjusted so their sales are now correctly set to 70% of the value of the materials used to make them.
  • Siegecraft - The icons for the trebuchet deployment recipes have been updated so they are appropriate.
  • Siegecraft - The icons for the apparatus recipes have been updated so they are appropriate by siege type.  This fixes an issue where they all were identified by ram icons.
  • Siegecraft - There are now siegecraft order masters that will allow you to join the siegcrafter order as your primary tradeskill. Making siegecraft your primary tradeskill will allow you to choose from siegecraft related titles based on your rank.
  •  The name of the order trainers are as follows:
 Albion: Viras in Camelot; Nalya in Caer Gothwaite
 Hibernia: Maegret in Tir na Nog; Jaeltrat in Grove of Domnann
 Midgard: Hamarr in Jordheim; Vora in Aegirhamn
 Order trainers were also added to each housing market.
  • Siegecraft - The new siegecraft order trainers now offer a tradeskill quest at the following levels: 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000. The quest will give you the option to choose one of two tools to assist in siegecrafting.

  • The Dragonsworn who had taken up residence in Snowdonia, Yggdra Forest, and Mount Collory have decreased in number over these past few weeks, causing the remaining members to join together at a single camp in each of these three regions.
  • Keep lords, tower captains, and guards that spawn inside the inner keep or outpost towers have had their aggression response modified so they will not 'aggro' through walls or doors.
  • There is a new amenity hookpoint NPC available. Players may now purchase a 'siegecraft supplier' that will sell the basic supplies needed for that tradeskill as well as wood for repairs.
  • Siege Tower - The animation that represents the Siege Tower being built has been supplemented with a translucent version of the Siege Tower to help visually identify that the tower is being built.
  • Siege Tower - Siege Towers now require that at least one friendly player with the appropriate level of siegecraft (600) be within 512 units of the Siege Tower while it is being built. If this requirement is not met, the Siege Tower will stop building. If the Siege Tower has been inactive for five minutes, the tower will collapse.
  • Siege Tower - The Siege Tower name will change based on the current state of the tower being built. Example: While building, it will be called 'Siege Tower (building)' and while no one is around, and it is dormant, it will be called 'Siege Tower (inactive)'. This should help identify at a glance if the tower is currently active and building.
  • Siege Tower - Beginning to build a Siege Tower now sets an outpost as being under siege at the beginning of the building process rather than at the end.
  • Players will now gain Realm Points (RPs) normally for repairing Siege Tower damaged walls.
  • Players will now gain Realm Points (RPs) normally for repairing Siege Towers.
  • New pathing has been loaded for all keeps and outposts. This will help pets when pathing near postern door ramps on the main keeps. In addition, it will help with siege rams being placed on the gatehouse door via ground target.
  • The portal stones in the Battleground realm keeps have been moved slightly. This corrects an issue where in rare cases a player would /release in the battleground and be inside the portal stone and have to jump out.

  • All realms' Concentration-based buffs have had their casting range increased from 1000 to 1500 units.
  • (Hibernia) Replaced the Area-of-effect (AOE) symbol on the level 19 bladeturn in the Mana Magic baseline spells to the proper self-buff symbol.
  • (Midgard) The Champion Ability "Shield of War" will now properly display a self-only widget.

  • Two new spells have been added to the Phantasmal Wail line's pulsing PBAOE chant:

Level 14   Resonating Aura    250 radius     98 (Body)

Level 46   Sonorous Aura      350 radius     301 (Body)

  • The Spec Armor Factor (AF) buff in the Nurture line will now display the current version of the spell and the version before it in the spell list. Previously, players would only receive the highest level of the version in their spell list.
  • Bards now have access to Greater Healing in the Regrowth spec line.

  • Cleric self-damage add “Hammer” line in the Smiting spec now have the proper self-buff icons.

  • Friars now have access to the Greater Healing and Group healing spells in the Rejuvenation spec line.

  • The Spec Armor Factor (AF) buff in the Augmentation line will now display the current version of the spell and the version before it in the spell list. Previously, players would only receive the highest level of the version in their spell list.

  • Heretics now have access to the Major Healing spells within the Rejuvenation spec line.

  • The border colors have been adjusted to match the appropriate level on the baseline Mentalism DD's (Phantom).
  • The target effect have been adjusted to display a proper burst effect when hit by the Mentalism baseline DD's.

  • In the Hammer spec line, Revenge has been changed to an evade style for Savages. Previously, it was only accessible by shield users.

  • Shamans now have access to the Greater Healing and Group Healing spells within the Mending spec line.

  • Changed the icon for the Abrasion line AE DDs so they are easily distinguishable from the DD icon.

  • The Arboreal spec group damage add granted immunity to critical damage for anyone it was cast upon. This has been corrected and will now allow an attacker to do critical damage.

  • The spells Odin's Faith, Odin's Virtue, and Odin's Temperance will now show the proper group symbol on the icon.
  • Valkyries now have access to Major healing spells within the Mending spec line.

  • The hasteners in the epic zone faction towns, introduced with the Dragon's Revenge campaign, have been adjusted so that they will properly cast the 'Speed of the Realm' buff on pets as well as Necromancers in shade form.

Albion Monsters
  • The Bogman Grapplers in Avalon Marsh will now drop level appropriate Tinderboxes and items.

Quests - Albion
  • The item rewards Protector's Bracelet of Control and Protector's Bracelet of Temperance for the Distancing the Alliance quest now have different stats, whereas before they were identical except for their names.
  • The main quest text for Sign of Things to Come will no longer be cut off at the end.
  • Shadows in the Night - Corrected a grammatical error where a word was omitted from the main quest text.

Quests - Midgard
  • Corrected a misspelling in the Battles in the Mist quest text, changing "Stefa's report" to "Stefar's report".

Quests - Hibernia
  • Gnome Away From Home - The Unseelie Henchmen are no longer charmable.

Item Notes
  • The dragon remains and trophies obtained prior to the dragon campaign revamp of the dragon art have been renamed so they are easily identifiable from the new versions. The old versions will now have a dragon-specific (smoldering, frozen, & glimmering) adjective added to them so you can tell them apart. Example: For Albion the older remains are now called 'Golestandt's Smoldering Remains' versus the new version which is still called 'Golestandt's Remains'.
  • (Albion) The Unforgiving Mace drop now has the correct bonus value of 35%.
  • (Hibernia) The Dragonslayer Moss Padded Pants and the Dragonslayer Padded Breeches now display the correct graphic when worn.
  • (Hibernia) The Destroyer of Dreams is now dyable.
  • (Hibernia) The Shadow Crystal War Staff is now dyable.
  • (Hibernia) The Bruadar Speal scythe weapon is now dyable.
  • (Hibernia) The Azure's Folly staff weapon is now dyable.

Aerus Encounters
  • Master Level 9.4 - The encounter has been modified so that players who are in a group, but not in a battlegroup, will correctly receive credit for killing each of the four monsters involved in this encounter.

Item Notes
  • If the /use2 of the Belt of the Sun is used in the housing zones or the Capital Cities, the re-use timer will no longer be set when the /use2 fails.
  • Traitor's Dagger will now display the correct weapon speed of 3.5 in both the display window and when delved.
Quests - Midgard
  • Leria now has a yellow quest indicator for the Amulet of Warding quest.

Item Notes
  • (Hibernia) The Malevolent Darkspire Scythe will now salvage for arcanite instead of duskwood.

Quests - Hibernia
  • Culmination: Thivek's Fire - Players will now be directed to Dalon on step 3 instead of Desmos, the Albion equivalent.

  • The /realm interface has been adjusted so that it properly identifies if the new keeps are occupied or empty for the PVE ruleset.

  • The new channelers that spawn for level 6 or higher keeps will now spawn correctly on the PVP ruleset.
  • Siege Towers in the process of being constructed will now function properly on PvP servers. This corrects an issue where the Siege Towers could not be damaged properly while in the construction phase on the PVP server.
  • Siege Towers that are under construction now use the builder’s guild to determine who can attack it. If the builder does not have a guild, then anyone can attack it.
  • Siege Towers can now be repaired by anyone hostile to the outpost and walls, with Siege Towers only able to be repaired by players friendly to it.

  • The Albion and Midgard realm point removers are no longer as chummy with the siegemasters in the portal keep.  This fixes an issue where the two npcs spawned on top of each other.
  • [PVE/PVP Servers] (Hibernia) Prania, the npc that is involved with the 500 level siegecraft tool quest, will now spawn on all rulesets.  This fixes an issue where she was not spawning on PVE or PVP rulesets.
  • (Midgard) - The NPC Snorri now has a realm appropriate icon.
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