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Pirates of the Burning Sea: economic system E-mail
Wednesday, 24 October 2007
Female Gamer has two very interesting articles about the economy in Pirates of the Burning Sea. The first one is a general description of the system, which we understand consists mostly of a player run economy. The second article is an interview with the POTBS developer in charge of the in game economy.


From  the first article:

Let’s start with the basics, which everyone who has read this dev log might already know. Each player account can have up to 10 lots on which he can build structures like logging camps, mines, plantations, etc. Most structures occupy one lot but a few of the advanced shipyards require 2-3. You can build a structure on any port where structures are allowed, as long as the following criteria are met:

  • Your standing with the faction that controls the port has to be at least “indifferent”
  • You have the deed, materials and the money required to build the structure
  • The port has the resources required by the structure you are building (eg. It has to have gold for you to build a gold mine)
  • You have a warehouse in that port, which basically means that the first structure you build on any port has to be a warehouse. Warehouses don’t count towards the 10-lot limit, and you don’t need a deed or materials to build it, but it does cost you money to build.

Before you can start producing items in your structure, you need recipes. Each structure comes with a default set of recipes but new ones can also be obtained as loot drops. Recipes generally have three requirements for production: 1) ingredients, 2) labor, and 3) money.


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