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SOE Evacuates San Diego Offices because of fires E-mail
Wednesday, 24 October 2007
We are sorry to apprehend from the official EverQuest 2 forums that the people working in the SOE's San Diego offices are having an hard time. Our best wishes to them and to their families.

Hi All,

I understand the frustration from the lack of communication and the delayed release of the Game Update to the EU servers (as well as JP and RU).

Currently the San Diego office is almost entirely shut down and a lot of our staff has had to evacuate including Community Relations and Customer Service.   Please understand right now we are being asked to stay off the roads in San Diego, not use cell phones unless it is an emergency and to conserve power if at all possible because of the large number of downed power lines and we are taking that seriously at the San Diego office. 

The date for the GU release at this point is going to be entirely dependent on mother nature and when the mandatory evacuations are lifted around San Diego county.

I haven't been able to talk to the international group to find out an exact release date plan right now but it is possible we will have to delay until next week as we are working with a skeleton, volunteer only crew in our operations center.

Once everyone is safe at home and back at work I will make sure that Gnobrin or Grimwell bring the UK players up to speed on what has been happening.

- Kirstie
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