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Monday, 29 October 2007
From the Archlord game official website: "After a hugely successful initial launch, ArchLord’s feature film debut Ben X has now been sold to 25 countries. After its 'Business’ screenings in Rome on 19 and 20 October, the film will be presented at this year’s American Film Market (AFM), as well as at the inaugural edition of the EFP Oscar Screenings in New York on 12 November."

Last month Ben X got selected as Belgium’s official entry for the Foreign-language Academy Awards. It is selected as one of six European entries to be presented at the 1st EFP Oscar Screenings (12-13 November) that will take place at the Tribeca Grand screening room in New York.

Alongside the UK, French, German and Spanish Deals, other countries like Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Mexico, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Salvador, Switzerland and Uruguay have so far signed deals, with additional territories likely to follow.

Ben X has so far passed the 100,000-cinema admission mark in less than three weeks after its initial release. In November, the film is to receive a limited release in The Netherlands. This is fantastic news for ArchLord and soon cinema goers around the world will be able to see ArchLord on the silver screen!

For more information and to view the trailer, please head over to BEN X Trailer
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