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Tuesday, 20 November 2007
Funcom has published the preliminary patch notes for the 17.7 Anarchy Online update. The update introduces new quests, items and much more.

Anarchy Online Preliminary 17.7 Release Notes

New Content and Major additions
  • New Dust Brigade Quest line.
  • High level players can seek out the new ICC Officer at ICC headquarters in Andromeda to embark on an ivestigation into the recent increased Dust Brigade Activity.
  • Each profession can attain a new HUD / UTIL slot item that allows them access to 4 new improved nano formulas that can be found through rewards for the quest line.
  • New Rubi-Ka Quest lines.
  • Mid level players can visit the new outpost built around the old Bronto Burger stand in Holes in the Wall to find a variety of new quests.
  • These quests come in a number of level ranges. Starting at level 60, then from 80 onwards and lastly for those above level 120 - there are no max level restrictions either, so you can go back and do them with higher level characters if you wish
  • New weapon upgrades now available.
  • A new series of tradeskills have been added to allow some of the older classic weapons to be upgraded and improved.
  • A new vendor in Borelais can provide the starter upgrades at certain Quality Levels.
  • Subsequent upgrade items can be found from mission and outdoor mobs as well as from the new quests.
  • Each upgrade kit can be used on an old weapon type to start the upgrade process.
  • Subsequent upgrades can be added to improve the weapon and add new special attacks.
  • New PVP debuff Bracers have been added to the OFAB vendor.
  • New visual rendering options for shoulderpads
  • In your F10 options menu you can now choose which shoulder pad or combination you wish to render.
  • New options for locking your action bars to prevent removing icons by accident.

Perk Changes
  • Blunt Defense and Cripple defense should now work correctly
  • Updated the description of the Grasp ability to reflect that the caster is immobile as well when it is activated.
  • Fixed the Symbiosis perk special so that it should give the correct bonuses now.
  • Double Shot should now scale correctly with over 2,000 skill
  • Weapon Bash should now be using the Assault Rifle skill for its attack calculations.
  • Damage from Arouse Anger should now scale correctly at higher skill.
  • Righteous Strike and Pure Strike both have a proc duration of 60 seconds now as intended.
  • Resolved an issue with Tremor Hand not firing correctly with skill values over 2,000

Nano Changes
  • Pack Hunter, Howl of the Wolf, and Leader of the Pack should all now tick correctly after 90 seconds.
  • Puissant Momentary Daze and Puissant Restrict Movement should no longer debuff the runspeed of the caster rather then the target.
  • Fixer Shadowlands runbuffs should no longer give incorrect feedback messages.
  • The three top engineer pet heals have been adjusted so that the healing scales correctly.
  • Aegis of Notum now lives in a more appropriate stacking line.
  • Doctor Nano Crystal Weird Looking Continuous Reconstruction should now work correctly for Agent with False Profession.

Item Changes
  • Some Vendors now stock ammo boxes with 50,000 charges for speedier resupply.
  • All the 'grail' type items that had vanished should now be visible again when equipped.
  • The correct gems should now be able to be defrosted in Alappaa
  • Second Tier Soldier Jobe Helmet should now display correctly for the Atrox breed.
  • Battlesuits should now correctly display their different textures instead of the default brown.
  • Changed the name of the Camouflage Hood to better fit with the rest of the garments in this series.
  • Resolved issue with incorrect stat scaling on the Improved Ofab Agent Sleeve.
  • Revised Mutant Domain and Lush Field Maps so that they can both be upload correctly.
  • Revised the description of Pillows with Important Stripes.

World and NPC Changes
  • Resolved an issue where engineer pet dogs would do less damage with more attack rating at certain AR ranges.
  • The landscapers and virtual lumberjacks have been out again and removed some obstacles to help aliens find their way to their targets better at some city locations.
  • Some of the military (Dreadloch) bosses have become more aware of their side and will try and punish players of the same side who attack them.
  • Bosses in the Temple of the Three Winds should now have the correct corpse timer.
  • Fixed a collision issue on the platform where the Muddy Dryad appears in Adonis.
  • The Bound Dryad should no longer take exception to fellow NPCs and break the quest by killing them.
  • Updated some of the 'flavour' conversations you can have with NPCs on Rubi-ka

System Changes
  • Dying in mech now gets you res 'sickness'. You can no longer order a mech when you have res 'sickness'. NOTE: This only applies to outside the battlestation.
  • Resolved an issue where dying while in a mech could cause the game to delay your respawn for too long.
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