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Anarchy Online: Jetbikes and Hoverboards now available with paid points E-mail
Friday, 12 October 2007
Anarchy Online is starting to introduce new perks obtainable through the new Paid Point system. The first of these items being introduced are two new  vehicle types: jetbikes and hoverboards. Read more for information about the Paid Point system.

Paid Points Questions

What are the paid points?
Paid Points are a system where you can buy special new points on our billing pages that allow you to make special smaller purchases through the billing system or in the game itself.

How much do the points cost?
The paid points will be available for purchase once the update hits the live dimensions and will be priced at 1$ / Euro per 100 points and will be available in multiples of 1000 points. When we go live with the update you’ll be able to get your hands on the points in 1000, 2000, and 3000 denominations. VAT will be added as required for EU residents.

How do I get paid points?
If you login to your account age at you will see an option called ‘Use a Paid service’ on the left hand toolbar, follow the instructions there to purchase points.

How do I transfer points into the game?
From the paid service screen you can choose to transfer points to the game for your characters to spend in game.

How long will the points take to appear in the game?
You will need to log-out the character for the change to take effect. The transfer can take up to thirty minutes to complete.

What items can I purchase for the points?
On the billing pages you will be able to purchase the previous pre-order items for paid points. These are the Jobe Luxury Apartment, the Alien Invasion Leet pets and the Lost Eden Scout Mech

Do all my characters get points or just one?
These points can then be transferred to the characters on your account, so that each character can then spend the same number of points independently (i.e. each character gets all the points to spend), so if you want to try different items for different characters you are free to do so!

How do I use the points in game?
Once the points have appeared in game (your available paid points on a character can be seen by targeting yourself and pressing ‘t’ to show the character info window) you can then use the points at the paid points vendors at the Phasefront Showroom at Newland Lake.

Can I only buy vehicles individually?
There will also though be a series of special bundles available that allow you to get savings on the items by buying them. These bundles will give you a collection of the items at a cheaper price then buying them all individually. As a special launch offer there will also be an extra special bundle that allows you to pick up every single one of the new vehicles for just 2000 points. This ‘everything’ pack will be a ‘time limited’ offer for the 17.6 update so won’t be in the vendor forever, so if you want them all make sure you take advantage of it while it’s there! (We will of course give good notice of when it will be removed!)

Do I need other expansions to get the items for points?
In some cases yes you will need an appropriate expansion. In the game the new vehicles can be bought by anyone, you do not need any additional subscriptions to be able to use the vehicles; even free players can get the vehicles if they want to. The social clothing items require the Alien Invasion expansion to be active on the account.

For the previous pre-order items you will require the appropriate expansion (i.e. Shadowlands for the Jobe Apartment, Alien Invasion for the pet leets and Lost Eden for the Scout Mech)

Why do I have to buy points? Can’t we just purchase the items with our credit cards individually?
To be able to offer a service like this we have to offer the points in denominations as otherwise the charges made by credit card companies on small transactions would mean that it would not be feasible to offer items at such a small relative cost.

How many points do subscribers accrue with their subscriptions?
The points allocated to subscribers scales with the duration of the subscription. The points are awarded at the point of subscription (once payment is confirmed and received of course)

The following is the amounts for point accrual for the different subscription durations:
One Month Subscriptions – 50 points
Three Month Subscriptions – 250 Points
Six Month Subscriptions – 500 Points
Twelve Month Subscriptions – 1,000 Points

What happens if I am in the middle of my current subscription duration?
When the system starts all existing players will be credited with the appropriate amount as a one-off starting amount proportionate to how long they have left on their current subscription (i.e. someone three months into a six month subscription will receive 250 points etc). As this is a manual process however it may be the end of the week before this amount is available on your account.

Do we get backdated points?
No, points are only accrued for subscribers moving forward once the system is launched.

It was mentioned that there was going to be character services like transfer between dimensions and maybe name changes, are those available with paid points?
We do plan to offer those services, but they are still in testing. We will announce when those service go live at a future date.

How do the Vehicles work?
The vehicles spawn nano-formulas that can be used just like any other nano crystal in game. You can then cast the nano to start the vehicle.

Why are the vehicles not like the other vehicles and an item?
We decided to make the vehicles a nano since we were adding so many of them we did not think it was practical for people to have to have so many items in their inventory

Why do the vehicle nanos break when I am hit?
These items were designed to be fun social items and not to be intrinsic to gameplay. There are already other vehicles for that purpose.

When will paid points be credited to my account?
Paid points will be credited to your account when payment is made.

Do characters created after I purchase the points get access to the points?

Where do I get my Leet Pet?
You can pick up your Leet Pet from the "Leets-R-Us" Terminal in Newland located near the Bronto Burger Stand. Purchasing the Leet Pet does not make it instantly spawn in your inventory, it simply provides access to the terminal.

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