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Monday, 01 October 2007
The Anarchy Online website states that "the current plan is for the 17.6 update to be deployed to the live servers on 9 October". Here are the preliminary patch notes for this massive update.

Preliminary AO 17.6 Release Notes

New Vehicles and Paid Points system
  • The new vehicles are now available from the special Phasefront Vendor at Newland Lake.
  • Paid Points can be used to make purchases from these vendors. Paid Points can be purchased through your account page on our registration site and then transferred into the game.
  • The vendors sells individual items and 'bundles' of items. When opening any bundled pack please ensure that you have the relevant inventory slots available. The larger bundles (i.e. the 'get all vehicles' bundle will spawn an additional bundle for each vehicle type when activated so you can activate them one by one)
  • The new vehicles are activated through nano-formulas that will upload like any other nano and can then be used to activate the vehicle.
  • The hoverboards operate as ground vehicles (using jump while on a hoverboard will perform a 'trick')
  • The Jetbikes operate as air vehicles in the same way as existing flight modes.
  • All the new vehicle nanos have a 100% break chance on hit, so being struck in combat will remove you from the vehicle.

Perk Changes
  • All perks should now scale correctly if the user has over 3,000 Attack rating.
  • Red Dusk perk now correctly lists a recharge time.
  • All levels of Curing Touch should now have the same effect icon in the target's NCU.
  • Fixed Curing Touch to remove additional blinds that were not being effected by the action.
  • Corrected stacking order on the Keeper's Physique ability. It will now replace Iron Circle in your NCU. Casting Iron Circle on a keeper with Keeper's Physique running will no longer replace Keeper's Physique
  • Keeper perk action Mark of Sufferance should now remove DoTs correctly.
  • Doctor perk action Viral Combination should no longer lock when no damage is done due to a DoT effect not running.
  • Bio Shielding 10 now correctly shows the Bio Regrowth special and its description in the perk window tooltip.
  • Fixed subcriteria for the following perk specials: Bluntness, Crave, Collapser, Fuzz, and Nano Feast. You should now correctly get the damage bonuses intended when using these perks together.
  • Bloodletting should now correctly increase the damage over time done by leg-shot.
  • Corrected perk requirements for Nanobreed Secondary Genome 5.
  • Notum Overflow should now work correctly on both monster and players
  • Fixed all the Accelerate Decaying Quarks perk actions so they now check for Sabotage Quark Field and will now work correctly.
  • Updated the Close Call perk action to scale correctly.
  • The description of the perk ability Bot Confinement should now be correct.
  • Updated the Ken Fi perk special. So it can now improve both heal pet and attack pet.
  • The Guardian Perk special should now work with Augmented Mirror shields as well.
  • Trader perk accumulator level 2 should now be functioning properly.

Nano Changes
  • Corrected the modifiers on Art of Peace to correctly add to Projectile Damage Modifier instead of Projectile AC.
  • Revised stacking and line information for the Nullity Sphere nanolines to prevent agents in mimic form being able to break the root effect using their Bail nanoline. The nanos still function in exactly the same way.
  • NT 'Explosive' nanos now correctly require a basic rather then an augmented cyberdeck
  • Trader mind control nanos will no longer show LDBIntern errors when examined in the NCU.
  • Removed the CannotRefresh flag from the Keeper ward nanoline, this should prevent being spammed by the "NCU error: This nano program can't automatically replace other program." message.
  • Changed both the "Ambient ..." and the "Tone of ..." Keeper aura lines so they have correct stacking information. So now only one of multiple auras at a time has effect as intended (You can of course still run heal and nano auras in parallel).
  • Swapped the stacking lines on the effects in the Fixer Shadow Step nano. The evades are now in the Run/Evade Buff stacking line, while the runbuffs are in the Shadowlands Run Buff line. Now when a fixer casts shadow step and a MA casts elusive target on the fixer, it will no longer overwrite the runspeed buff. It now just overwrites the duck/dodge/evade buff.
  • Added detailed feedback message for when you try and use Nano Crystal (Energize Rubi-Ka Grid Tunnel) without having combined it with the Quiescent Wave Form Template first.
  • Nano Crystal (Calia's Form: Dragon) now shows as Nano Crystal (Calia's Form: Pit Lizard), properly matching the nano formula.
  • Team-Enhanced Deathless Blessing now displays icons properly in both the caster and teams NCU and can be cancelled accordingly.
  • The adventurer nano improved serene sky and friend of the wild now work as intended, only calming mobs which are not in combat mode. The non-Improved nanos are now Target only, while the Improved nanos are AoE. They should all only be castable on NPCs which are not fighting. The AOE effect will also only affect non-fighting NPCs.
  • Corrected the Damage Modifiers and cast requirements of Rampage of the Berserker.
  • Corrected the upload specialization requirements for Team Empowered Mental Domination.
  • The Team Eagle Eye nano should now affect everyone in the caster's team.
  • Fixed requirements on nanos and sub-nanos in the Trader nano-over time lines so that you now don't have to select a target with the SL expansion to cast nano, only team members with the SL expansion will get the nano heal.
  • Velocity should now not overwrite Free Movement.
  • Aegis of Notum, Aegis of Metal and Aegis of Stone now have their own stacking line and no longer clash with evade buffs.
  • The Hack Grid Data Stream nanos now have a casting sound.

Item Changes
  • Changes to Treatment Labs and Nano Rechargers
  • You no longer have to sit to use these items
  • Emergency Treatment labs will no longer carry the blind effect
  • All kits have a one second use time
  • The following items are affected: Startup Treatment Laboratory, Treatment Laboratory, Basic Nano Recharger, Advanced Nano Recharger, Battle Prepared Nano Recharger Kit, Battle Prepared Treatment Kit, Emergency Treatment Laboratory, Special Emergency Treatment Laboratory, Purge Nano Kit and Virus Scanner (Note Virus scanner has two second use time instead of one)
  • All tiers of Shadowlands upgradeable armor now have different requirements for wear and use. This means you should no longer be able to level the item above your ability to wear it
  • The Repairman's Hat now has different requirements for wear and use. This means you should no longer be able to level the item above your ability to wear it
  • The Reanimator's Cloak now has different requirements for wear and use. This means you should no longer be able to level the item above your ability to wear it
  • Revised AMS skill of all cyberdecks so that they now use Matter Creation as their attack skill. This should mean NTs should no longer be disadvantaged when using general perk actions.
  • Corrected Disease AC modifier on Penultimate Ofab Shade Gloves, QL 300.
  • Corrected Pharma Tech and Max Health modifiers for Ofab Trader Sleeves so they now scale correctly with their upgrades.
  • The pants of the Sanguisugent set now adds to 1HB correctly instead of 2HE twice.
  • The Subspace Storage Device can now be used as an actual storage device!
  • Corrected the Melee Init modifier on the Guardian Conductor of Speed so that it now scales as it should between 40 and 202.
  • Mortig Beaters should no longer use ranged weapon tracers.
  • Vagabond Cloak modifiers should be visible in the item description again.
  • The Compiled Algorithm Wrecking Ball should now look more in line with the other Compiled Algorithms.
  • Corrected incorrect slot descriptions on some Arul Saba Bracelets.
  • Fleshchopper now correctly uses Melee Weapons Initiative.
  • The Energy Damage Add Jobe Cluster naming should now be consistent with other Add Dam. jobe clusters.
  • Tango Dirks are now listed under the Improve Thrusting Weapons section.
  • The Silvertail Horn item no longer incorrectly lists leg as a slot.
  • Corrected description on Omni-Tek gunship.
  • Revised ColdAC modifiers on the Fly Catcher's Specs so they are not displaying and applying twice.
  • Corrected issue where certain Quality levels of Coil of Nano Energy would not run alongside health coils.
  • Added polymorphed check for the Charred Abaddon Chassis. It should no longer crash when you try and use it while polymorphed.
  • the 1750 Merit boards should no longer give confusing feedback messages when being equipped.
  • Corrected Icon, Texture, and requirements for Nano Input Hoods.
  • Tier Three MP head armour should now display correctly on male opifex when the shoulders are also equipped.
  • Supporting Carbonan Holster should now have a default equip slot so it can be equipped by right clicking.
  • Chosen/Faithful Engineer Helper should now have correct mesh when equipped by nanomage female.
  • HSR Hedgehog 23 Throwing Grenade should now work correctly.
  • The Precious Metal Reclaimer is no longer consumed when used.
  • Corrected MultiRange requirements for the entire line of Polizziotto pistols.
  • Right-Wrist Implants with Run Speed, Shiny installed should now update correctly after zoning.
  • Crat suits should now correctly buff your XP Modifier.
  • Sancrosanct Assault Rifle should now be upgradeable correctly between levels 100 and 199.
  • Revised description of the "Half Digested Human ..." items to warn that the tool may be destroyed in the process of refining them.

World and NPC Changes
  • Uncle Bazzit has finally found the missing Yalmaha shipment and has several new models in stock.
  • Patricia Johnson should no longer spawn with the incorrect mesh
  • Sentries and cameras in the Shadowlands missions will no longer drop credits.
  • The Gallant Slave nanos that were missing from shops should now be available.
  • Some cyborgs have taken a renewed interest in an old favourite. Reports say that the Hellspinner and Hellfury Cannons are carried around more often.
  • Greatly improved the drop rate of the Advanced Scent Sensor.
  • Urqhart the Absorber's reflect shield can no longer be removed by Epsilon Purge.
  • Resolved issue where the debuffs NPCs use in Steps of Madness was not returning your Psychological Modification skill to the correct value after the debuff has ended.
  • Corrected the modifiers of Shadow Rift of the Wolf so that it now correctly works for players between levels 61 and 90.

System Changes
  • XP gain message will now show even if gain caused level up.
  • New characters now run by default instead of walking.
  • The refresh of the Gazump aura should no longer break sneak

Technical Changes
  • Resolved several possible client crashes.
  • Resolved two rare server crashes.
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