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Wednesday, 25 July 2007
The next weeks will see the release of the 1.5 patch for Anarchy Online. The update will introduce a new area called Penumbra, a new group encounter and more. Check out the preliminary notes.

Anarchy Online 17.5 Update Preview

The main content updates in the 17.5 version will be the addition of new quest series to the Penumbra playfield, including a new team instanced playfield and a new unique team instanced encounter for high-level players on Rubi-Ka.

The Mysteries of Penumbra

Penumbra will be the latest area to open up its mysteries! Players will be able to embark on a series of great story quests that explore what happened to the Xan after the cataclysm.

  • Uncover the untold story of Penumbra and discover the secrets hidden beneath the ice.

  • Complete over forty new quests.

  • Visit an exciting new team instanced playfield as both part of the quest lines and as a separate adventure.

  • Earn new quest rewards including a host of new tradeskills processes.

The new content in Penumbra is split into two broad categories. Firstly there are the series of new quests around the existing Penumbra playfields as you have seen with the other Shadowland's playfield. This time though there is also the added feature of a brand new team instance called Alappaa.

Inside Alappa players will encounter some great new gameplay challenges as a mysterious old man has an intriguing task that needs completing.

Ashes to Ashes... old enemy resurfaces as the Dust Brigade threat makes itself felt on Rubi-Ka once again. Players will have to locate and enter the latest Dust Brigade camp in order to face a dangerous new opponent.

It appears that the Dust Brigade have begun excavating a remote site on Rubi-Ka and are apparently trying to recover something from the site. Reports are sketchy, but it appears to be something worth investigating!

  • New team instanced encounter for high level players.

  • Help uncover what exactly the Dust Brigade are planning and defeat a challenging new boss encounter

  • Earn new rewards and items for defeating the encounter.

The new team instancing features allow us to present a lot more involving and challenging encounters for single teams. Deafeating this encounter will require tactics and reactions to playfield events that hasn't been seen before in the game. We are really looking forward to providing an interesting and involving new encounter that we think players will really enjoy!

Gameplay Features

Of course the updates aren't just about the new content, and there will be the usual host of new game updates and changes, here are some of the things you can expect to see in 17.5

  • More new and unique drops will be added to Rubi-Ka mob types

  • The VP gain for lower level battlestations will be adjusted upwards to offer better rewards.

  • New items added to the OFAB vendors in the shape of new nanos that allow pet users to actively free their pets from calms, roots and snares

  • The Unicorn's have installed cell scanners and reclaim points in their staging area.

  • Bureaucrat's Shadowland's calms will now fully calm mobs when landed. The durations have been increased to be in line with the relative durations of the other profession's calming abilities.

  • Added Grenade, Ranged Energy and Heavy Weapons to the composite ranged expertise nanos

  • The bounding box targeting system is now optional and may be toggled on and off through your options menu

  • New option on the planet map to upload a custom co-ordinate to your map while on any non-instanced playfield.



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