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EVE Online patch notes for Revelations 2.2 E-mail
Monday, 07 January 2008

Patch Notes for Revelations 2.2

New Ships

  • Rorqual ORE Capital Ship introduced as described in this Dev Blog.
    Features include:
    • Unique assembly line which allows use of ore compression blueprints with a large variable volume compression
    • Able to fit the Capital Tractor Beam (200km range, 3,000m/s tractor velocity).
    • Able to fit 3 gang links, which have been revamped to optimize use of them for the Rorqual.
    • Able to fit Industrial Core I Module, a module specifically created for the Rorqual to be able to compress ore.
    • Bonus to mining foreman gang links.
    • Bonus to survey scanner and cargo scanner range.
    • Bonus to capital shield transporter shield transfer range.
    • 20% bonus to drone dmg and hitpoints per lvl.
    • Clone vat bay.
    • Corp hanger.
    • Ship maintenances hanger.
    • Drone bay able to fit regular drones.
    • Built from low sec stations, outposts and large ship arrays (0.4-0.0).
    • Operational in 0.4-0.0.

Corporation Management

  • Corporation Transaction Log feature has been added.

Ships & Modules

  • Khanid MK II changes as described in this Dev Blog and this Dev Blog
  • Nosferatu changes as described in this Dev Blog.
  • The speed on the Deimos has been increased by 35m/s and the mass has been decreased by 1,000,000 kg for better speed.
  • The power output of the Deimos has been increased by 40 MW.
  • The power output of the Muninn has been increased by 60 MW.
  • The power output of the Flycatcher has been increased by 2 MW.
  • The CPU output of the Flycatcher has been increased by 21 TF
  • The CPU output of the Armageddon has been increased by 35 TF.
  • Decreased the capacitor recharge time on the Oneiros by 14% (306.9s) to put the effective recharge rate in line with the other Logistics Ships.
  • The description of the Drake has been clarified to show it does not get a bonus to light missiles.
  • The signature radius on all capital ships has been increased to make them easier to scan down than a battleship.
  • Increased the shield boost bonus on the Hawk to 7.5% per level to match the other ships with similar bonuses.
  • The agility on Blockade Runners has been decreased to 0.55 in order to make warp faster.
  • Increased the CPU output on most Caldari capital ships:
    • +50tf on the Phoenix and Chimera.
    • +100tf on the Wyvern.
  • The volume of the mining barges and exhumers has been reduced as follows:
    • Covetor and Hulk are now at 200,000 m3.
    • Retriever and Mackinaw are now at 150,000 m3.
    • Procurer and Skiff are now at 100,000 m3.
  • Added “Capital Navigation Window”, which can be assigned to a key combo using the shortcuts menu.
  • ECM burst, both normal and remote, no longer affects ships supposedly immune to Electronic Warfare.
  • The Mining Laser CPU Penalty on Mining Upgrades will be correctly calculated before the module is online, preventing the use of more CPU than a ship has.
  • Named variants of the Mining Upgrade will have their bonus applied correctly.
  • The Small Remote Hull Repair System I has had its volume changed from 50m3 to 5m3.
  • Republic Fleet Control System was incorrectly named. It has been renamed to Republic Fleet Ballistic Control System.
  • Faction and Officer 350mm Railguns have had their optimal range boosted to 43200 meters, in line with their Prototype and Tech II counterparts.
  • Republic fleet variations of some projectile ammo types were missing. These have been added.
  • The fitting calculation has been adjusted so that setups that require 100% of their CPU or Powergrid to fit will be able to fit the modules correctly.
  • Cargo Scanner II’s has been added to the market under Ship Equipment > Electronics and Sensor Upgrades > Scanners > Cargo Scanners.
  • Logging out in space with Power Grid Rigs fitted should no longer result in modules offlining.
  • The flight time on Assault Missiles has been increased.
  • Faction Heavy Assault Missile Launchers have been implemented.
  • The "Industrial Core I" deployment module for the ORE capital ship has been implemented.
  • The Mining Foreman - Ice Harvesting gang link has been changed to provide a capacitor need bonus to gang members mining lasers, ice harvesters and gas cloud harvesters.
  • The Mining Foreman - Laser Optimization gang link now provides a duration bonus to gang members mining lasers, gas cloud harvesters and ice harvesters.
  • The Mining Foreman - Drone Coordination command module has been changed to give a range bonus to mining lasers, gas cloud harvesters and ice harvesters.
  • Amarr Navy Plating modules now have the correct tag requirements.
  • The CPU penalty on mining laser upgrades has been changed from online to passive.
  • Meta Mining Upgrades now work as intended and have had their bonus and CPU costs corrected. Meta Ice Harvesting Upgrades have also had their bonuses corrected.
  • Extended the Nosferatu transfer amount bonus on the Bloodraider ships (Cruor, Ashimmu and Bhaalgorn) to also include Energy Neutralizers.
  • Energy Neutralizers have had their power grid requirements reduced, to be the same as the Nosferatu power grid requirements.
  • The power output of the Pilgrim has been increased by 100 MW.
  • Removed the reference to the ability to Remotely detonate a doomsday from the description of each doomsday device.
  • Fixed the description for Heavy Missiles.
  • Moved the “Saddle” small capacitor booster from the Small Cap Battery variations.
  • Fixed a typo in the description of the Signal Focusing Kit II rig.
  • Changed “Degenerative Concussion Bomb I” to be a variation of proton smartbombs.
  • Fixed Manticore description to reflect that all other stealth bombers now have 3 launcher points.
  • Added to the interdictor description a reference to their “Special Ability” of reducing the CPU Use of Interdiction sphere launchers.
  • Loading the wrong type of probe into a recon probe launcher should now display an error.
  • Many faction salvage cans and wrecks required the wrong module to salvage, this has now been corrected.
  • The power output of the Zealot has been increased by 90 MW and the CPU output has been increased by 5 TF.


  • Dreadnoughts trying to enter siege mode without the required fuel will no longer lose all target locks.
  • Corpses, Wrecks and cans have had their properties adjusted so that ships will pass straight through them.
  • Interdictor warp disrupt probes will now prevent warp, even if the warp is already initiated.
  • The Tactical Shield Manipulation skill now correctly prevents bleed through according to its description.
  • Changed targeting range for a pod from 1m to 0m as it was causing a graphical error when using the tactical overlay.

Drones & Fighters

  • When a ship with deployed drones/fighters enters a Starbase force field, the drones/fighters automatically return to the ship.
  • Boosted the Curator sentry drone, max Range, falloff and tracking improved.
  • Added 20% tracking to Tech II sentry drones.
  • Fixed an issue where drones would sometimes constantly attack control towers, causing errors and a lot of server load.
  • Elite Drone Parasites no longer drop cargo containers – they drop Wrecks as they should.


  • You can now warp to gang members who are over 150 km away by clicking them in space, or on the overview.
  • The display of “<” and “>” in tooltips has been fixed.
  • When cancelling warp, the overview options on a selected item should automatically update, allowing you to warp to that item.

Contracts & Market

  • The “Show Info” page of a character now contains a link to their contract history.
  • Various 'Livestock' items are now searchable in contracts.
  • The Materials & Research market group has been reorganized to better reflect item associations.
  • The Mining Lasers group has been reorganized into separate sub groups for the different types of mining lasers.
  • Data interface blueprints are now visible and searchable on contracts.
  • Added missing generic hardwirings to market, this refers to hardwirings with industry/science related bonuses and all hardwirings with 1% bonus.
  • Materials & Research groups have had items inside them reorganized. Two main groups were created called materials and components. Resource types were put under materials and components were put in the component group. The two groups were then put under a section named “Research & Invention”.
  • Removed the ability to search for some items that are not available to players through contracts.
  • Various livestock commodities are now searchable on contracts.
  • Fixed an exception when clicking on the “Contracts Assigned to you” link on the start page of contracts.
  • 'Spiegel' Thermic Deflector and 'Contour' Thermic Dispertion are now correctly filed and named.

Starbases, Outposts and Stations

  • You can no longer generate a cyno field within a Starbase force field.
  • Starbase guns should no longer shoot at ships not occupied by a pilot.
  • Structures outside Starbase shields in systems with Sovereignty level 4 can now be targeted and fired upon.
  • Ships inside a Starbase force field will be immediately ejected if the force field settings are changed so that they are no longer allowed to be there.
  • Cynosural Generators and Cynosural Jammers have been added to the ship scanner, so they can be scanned remotely without having to warp to the Starbase.
  • Maximum Anchoring distance has been adjusted for Medium and Small control towers, to allow the anchoring of modules such as the Cynosural System Jammer:
    • Medium – 41 km.
    • Small – 35 km.
  • The scan resolution on Starbase batteries have been increased.
  • Starbases now have separate fuel bays and strontium bays.
  • A New Advanced Mobile Laboratory is now available on the market which offers 3/2/2 Copy/ME/Invention slots but takes more CPU/power to use.
  • The size of the fuel bay in Starbases has been increased.
  • If a control tower has a long name, it should no longer exceed the window border of the management window.
  • Bills are now sent out with the new owner as the issuer when an outpost or conquerable station when the ownership of the station is changed in the station management window.
  • Corp -> Alliance standing is now taken into account for discount/surcharge when using station services in a player owned station.
  • An on lined Cynosural Field Generator no longer prevents players from anchoring new structures at the control tower it's located.

EVE Voice

  • You can now join audio on up to three channels.
  • There is a new Voice Widget that you can open with [left alt + v]. Through the widget you can:
    • Join and leave audio channels.
    • See who is speaking.
    • Switch between which channel is your speaking channel by just switching between the tabs on the widget.
  • Improved visualization for channels you have joined audio on and which one is your speaking channel have been added.
  • The sound quality is vastly improved.
  • Channel joining is now near-instant instead of the several seconds it used to take.
  • Push to talk buttons are now selectable from a drop down menu.
  • The Eve Voice echo test should now stop echo testing when the stop button is pressed.

LP Store

  • Commas (,) and Periods (.), depending on regional settings, have been added to figures in the LP Store, to make LP and ISK figures easier to read.
  • Adjustments to the price / items / LP required for some items, to bring them in line with market value.
  • LP Offers will not show as available if the prerequisite ship is in your hangar, but assembled.
  • Caldari Navy BPC offers from the Court Chamberlain corporation store have been removed.
  • Zainou 'Shapshot' ZMR2000 implant has been added to the Republic Fleet and Caldari Navy LP stores.
  • Khanid corps now has a good selection of modules, focusing around short-ranged missile systems and armor tanks. They also have access to Caldari Navy short-range missiles.
  • Ammatar corporations now have access to Amarr Navy laser crystals.
  • Caldari and Minmatar corps now has access to their own Heavy Assault Missile Launchers.
  • Minmatar corporations now have access to missing factional Carbonized Lead and Depleted Uranium ammunition.
  • Core Complexion – a Minmatar corporation was offering Ammatar items in its LP Store. These have been removed.
  • Removed Caldari Navy BPC’s from the Imperial Shipment LP store.

Missions & Exploration

  • It was possible in some exploration sites to destroy the item causing the NPC Spawns. This resulted in being unable to complete the site and has been fixed.
  • The distances between gates in some deadspace areas were too far from each other, this has been fixed.
  • Dungeons should now expire properly and disappear from space.
  • Several missions have been adjusted to reduce load and client lag.
  • Exploration sites of the encounter type have had their scan category, or signature type, changed to Cosmic Anomaly, to help differentiate them from other types of exploration sites. The on-board scanner has been adjusted accordingly and now can now only scan for Cosmic Anomalies.
  • Fixed spelling error in mission Worlds Collide (all versions).
  • Changed the "Booster" missions in 0.0 COSMOS to dish out blueprints rather than actual boosters.
  • In the mission Recon (3 of 3) some time has been added between the message informing the player of a big wave and the big wave itself. This does not guarantee that the player has enough time however since this depends on the players skills and ship type.
  • Removed the key requirements of old static complexes that were put into exploration, to prevent the scenario where the key has been used but the dungeon hasn't been completed, leaving the dungeon stuck as no one else had access to the key.
  • The number of NPCs in the Damsel in Distress level 4 mission has been reduced to reduce lag.
  • The triggers in the Guristas Extravaganza mission has been modified to reduce the chance of the player being flooded with NPCs, this was done mainly to reduce lag.
  • An issue that sometimes arose in the COSMOS mission Denial (1 of 2) has been fixed. This issue could prevent the mission from being completed, this should no longer be the case.
  • The Contested Minmatar Army Complex has been changed to allow Battlecruisers and Elite Cruisers.
  • Increased the quantity of gas found in the gas cloud sites in Exploration.
  • The NPC count in the first room of the mission Recon (1 of 3) has been vastly reduced to reduce serious lag issues that some players were experiencing in the mission. The NPCs that remain have been beefed up somewhat.
  • Text edit in mission "Criminal Minds - Looking Out for Number One (1/4)".
  • Fixed mission objective statement in "Dars Amene - Denial (1 of 2)".
  • Fixed mission objective statement in "Dars Amene - Denial (2 of 2)".
  • NPC’s will now only send messages to the local chat channel.
  • There was a Serpentis Exploration Encounter that had Gurista NPC’s in it, which have been removed.
  • Some missions requiring delivery of items did not remove the items on mission completion. This has been fixed.
  • Some missions had “objective completed” displayed before they were actually finished. This has been fixed.
  • Resolved server side issues that were causing encounters not to despawn after completion.
  • In the mission “Governor’s Aide (2 of 5)” the drone required to complete the mission took too long to spawn. The time it takes for this drone to spawn has been reduced.
  • Changed the overseer effect drops in the Rogue Drone 10/10 complex to be in line with those from the other 10/10s.
  • Adjusted the mission description of Cash Flow for Capsuleers (2 of 10) to better reflect the location of one of the mission objectives.
  • Adjusted the warp in point for the Damsel in Distress mission, as it was possible to get stuck on structures when warping in.
  • Changed the 0.0 Cosmos Booster manufacturing missions so they give out actual boosters, rather than blueprints.
  • Removed Angel NPCs from the Blood Raider level 4 mission “Ritualist Raids”.
  • The Cosmos mission "Bottleneck - Liberation (3 of 3)" now has mission objectives stated in it's mission briefing.

Science & Industry

  • Station refinery quote was locked at 5% in some cases, regardless of skills or standings, this has been fixed.
  • Stacks of items larger than 100 million will now have their quantity correctly displayed when rounded into billions.
  • Battleship blueprints no longer have an invention tab.
  • Invention of some Tech 2 ammunition types has been corrected, as they were variants of the wrong type of Tech 1 ammunition.
    • Spike is now a Plutonium variant.
    • Void is based on Antimatter.
    • Gleam is based on Multifrequency.
  • The Shadow Sensor Dampening Battery BPC has had its name corrected.
  • It is now possible to Invent from the Auto Targeting System I Blueprint.
  • Guardian Vexor blueprint has been removed from the market search.
  • Damage Control II did not require any Tech II components to build. They will now require Tech II components like all other Tech II modules.
  • Many Tech II ammunition types had the incorrect data core requirement for Tech II invention. This has been corrected to match the skills required for manufacture of the Tech II item.
  • The Expanded Cargohold II now requires construction components to build in line with normal Tech II production.
  • Invention of Tech 2 Mining Laser Upgrade and Ice Harvester Upgrades is now possible.
  • Republic Fleet Tracking Enhancer Blueprint is now assigned to the correct corporations.
  • Caldari Navy Cloaking Device now has the proper module requirement.
  • Tech 2 Missile Invention now requires Caldari esoteric data interface and skill for all types of missiles.
  • Waste is now correctly applied to bomb blueprints so ME research now affects waste properly.
  • The following blueprints have been moved or added to Blueprint -> ship equipment -> turrets & bays -> weapon upgrades market group:
    • Tracking Enhancer I Blueprint.
    • Tracking Enhancer II Blueprint.
    • Ballistic Control Unit II Blueprint.
    • Gyrostabilizer II Blueprint.
  • The number of each type of data core for invention of Tech II sentry drones has been increased to three.
  • Tech II mining crystals are now inventible and the Tech II symbol is now displaying correctly on the Tech II variant icons.
  • Miner II - the Tech II symbol has been fixed on the icon.
  • Changed the Data interface for invention from the Auto Targeting System I. It is now the “Incognito Data Interface”.
  • Cosmetic changes to the mineral requirements of T2 Afterburners and Microwarpdrives, so that they do not require Morphite in both the “Raw Materials” and “Extra Materials”.
  • The Damage Control II blueprint now requires Tech II construction components as expected for Tech II manufacture and the blueprint job times have been increased to be more in line with normal tech 2 low slot module job times.

Skills & Implants

  • The description of Advanced Drone Interfacing has been clarified.
  • In the Skill requirements for modules: “trained but not required level” has been re-worded to “required but not trained to the proper level”.
  • For Armored Warfare, Skirmish Warfare, Mining Foreman, Siege Warfare and Skirmish Warfare the description has been changed in line with the current gang system mechanics: "The Gang bonus only works if you are the assigned gang booster and the gang is in fleet mode."
  • Hardwiring - Inherent Implants 'Yeti' BX-2 now requires Cybernetics level 5, in line with the other tier 2 “Slot 10” implants.
  • Changed the bonus of the “Hardwiring – Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ EP1/2/3” to be a percentage bonus rather than seconds.
  • Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' HY implants now correctly give their warp speed bonus.
  • Removed “Fit to active ship” from the context menu of implants.
  • The research and invention science skills, except encryption methods, have been seeded on the market at a base price of 10 million ISK each.
  • The bonus on "Hardwiring - Zainou 'snapshot' ZMF500/1000/2000" implants has been changed from a damage bonus for FoF missiles to a reduction in explosion radius for FoF missiles.
  • Changed the description of the Leadership skill to reflect the fact that it gives a bonus to scan resolution.

New Player Experience

  • Veldspar asteroid will appear on the overview by default, so that it is easier to target.
  • New Pilots will no longer start in a Pod.
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial would not continue if it was closed, even if “Yes” was answered to continue it another time.
  • Some new character creation paths had too high or too low skillpoint amounts – they have been tweaked to have similar skillpoints to all other new characters.


  • Rogue Drone Commander NPCs now have a chance of being found in asteroid belts & ice fields in Rogue drone regions.
  • Fixed a Blood Raider encounter in 0.8 systems which was using an obsolete version.
  • Non-drone regions now contain 40% more pirate Encounters and 40% less drones.
  • Low security space and 0.0 areas now have 50% more Encounters per system.
  • Low sec Encounter sites are now generally more difficult, and have better rewards as a result.
  • The following spawn containers have been fixed and require a salvager to access:
    • Faction Waste.
    • Faction Wreck.
    • Faction Derelict.
    • Faction Hulk.
  • A new level 3 agent has joined the Caldari State corporation Internal Security.

Exploit Fixes

  • ECM Burst will now correctly cause an aggression flag in empire, including any necessary CONCORD response.
  • Draftsman Implants have been removed from the LP Store.
  • Coupling arrays and other silos no longer reprocess into too many minerals compared to their buy price.
  • Consul series implants have been removed from the LP store.
  • The fleet commander no longer gives bonuses to himself if he is the sole member of a fleet.
  • A security hole was plugged that could potentially be used to hack the client.

General Fixes

  • The Transactions and Journal tabs in the wallet have been standardized to behave correctly.
  • Fixed an exception when docking with the scanner open.
  • Fixed an exception when switching ships with the Insurance window open.
  • Fixed an exception when merging chat channels.
  • Opening the map while warping from the sun no longer turns your ship into the sun.
  • Fixed zooming in on items in space such as Drones.
  • Auto Target back was behaving incorrectly. This will now target back only the number of targets specified in the preferences page.
  • Horizontal and vertical lines from a target now extend the full width of the screen in 1900x1200 resolution.
  • It was possible to get the “target locking” and various other sound effects to loop. (Yes! EVE has sound!) This has been fixed.
  • Saving bookmarks in the In Game Browser now works without having to put http:// in front of them.
  • Added drag & drop for location names in neocom: current location and f11 (map browser): region, constellation and solar system.
  • Asteroids are now easier to target. You can now click anywhere on the asteroid to select it instead of needing to click its center.
  • The volume of the warp sound has been lowered!
  • Various in-game values now display properly with the correct units attached.
  • Badger is now listed under “variations” in the Badger Mark II’s info.
  • The camera zoom level will no longer reset after you jump through a Stargate.
  • Fixed typos and spelling errors in various mission and module descriptions.
  • The Survey Scanner window now keeps items sorted in the same order after it updates.
  • World map control panel and character sheet would sometimes appear outside the eve window after the cache is cleared. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed the display of the alliance logo in the character selection screen, as some logos were being cut off .
  • Fixed a display issue where text was off the left side of the window under the Home tab under Corp -> Alliance.
  • Fixed issue where the zoom level is not kept in between changing between Ship view, System view and Map view.
  • Changes to the output window of the Ship Scanner - "capacitors capacity" label removed as the proportional value now is in the format of "current / max Energy", removed the “capacity” gauge.
  • Fixed issue where the Color of the login screen would revert from the Revelations II color scheme to the Revelations I color scheme if information was entered incorrectly.
  • Fixed a display issue where the text could be too close together in the Corporation Wallet screen, if no division was selected.
  • Fixed an exception caused by right clicking while the ship context menu is open.
  • Clarified the error message that pops up if you attempt to activate a jump bridge that does not have enough fuel in it.
  • Fixed the tooltip over your own ship so that the text is centre aligned, not right aligned.
  • Exporting from the market to a file resulted in displaying an incorrect path name with forward slashes “/” instead of backslashes “\”. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where using the “Reset to Default Window Positions” would cause an exception.
  • Warping from the sun and opening the map could create an image of the sun as your ship. This should no longer happen.
  • Starlight could sometimes penetrate planets, flashing and looking quite unrealistic. It will no longer do so.
  • The speedometer should change speed smoothly, rather than hiccupping as the speed increases or decreases.
  • In some cases, jumping through a stargate could cause the screen to flash a light blue colour. This will no longer happen.
  • Pasting over the limit of a search box will now truncate the text, rather than not pasting it at all.
  • The “Reprocess” option is no longer available when right clicking your assets in space.
  • Lead Charge M was showing as having a cargo capacity. This has been removed.
  • Sorting the transactions tab of the wallet by credit should now work correctly.
  • Setting destination from the Assets window should no longer cause an Exception.
  • Having invalid characters in the MOTD of a channel could cause all channels to fail to load. This has been resolved.
  • Windows for Creating / Updating / Applying to / Viewing Applications to an alliance are no longer resizable.
  • The Deadspace Overseer should now appear on the overview when using default settings.
  • Sorting search results in the World Map Control Panel will no longer cause the sort order of entries to change under the other tabs (ie. Star Map, Labels, Lines etc).
  • Using the Expanded font will no longer cause entries in the Standings page of an agents info to become truncated.
  • Fixed some character creation paths so that their skills all had the required prerequisites.
  • In some cases, characters that had been recently podded or clone jumped were unable to log in – a client side fix has been implemented to resolve this issue.
  • Zooming in to the maximum level on a Pod in station should no longer cause it to disappear.
  • Removed the irrelevant menu option “Channel” when right clicking on the MOTD in a channel.
  • Changed the map display of “My Agents”, so that the blobs on the map are not so large if you have high standings.
  • The warp scrambling notification has been changed to have parentheses around the target name if the target is not a player.
  • Canceling a self destruct now shows the correct message and thus confirms that you are actually canceling the self destruct and not initiating a new one.
  • A typo was fixed in the message that pops up when you try to lock a planet.
  • The transactions tab in the wallet is now set to load the last 30 days of transactions instead of a set number of transactions.
  • A spelling error was fixed in the message that displayes when the auto-patcher downloads a corrupt patch.
  • An error has been fixed where logging off while docked with a minmatar shuttle as the active ship would cause a black screen when trying to log back in.
  • Switching sound input devices in the Audio tab in the ESC menu should no longer cause the client to crash.
  • Accounts older than 30 days were not able to do the tutorial (on any character). Now all accounts can do the tutorial, on characters less than 30 days old.
  • Items that were put into a trade window would disappear if both players would simultaneously undocked or logged off, these items should now be put into the original owners station hanger.
  • The camera zoom level has been corrected when boarding either an Amarr or Minmatar shuttle in a station.
  • Starting the echo testing in the audio tab in the ESC menu no longer takes 5 seconds to initialize and starts immediately.


  • Bronze, silver and gold medals as well as a cup for the Alliance Tournament has been created. These are simple items (commodities).
  • Added “LP” tab in the Journal, to view the LP’s you have with different corps.
  • Character Sheet Enhancement – “Show skill history” and “Settings” have been moved to a tabbed system under skills.
  • The Audio Engine has been upgraded, this mainly lays the foundation for better functionality upgrades in the future.
  • Added “Clear Cache” button in the Esc menu, under “Reset Settings”.
  • All item types in the market group "commodities > artifacts and Prototypes" have had their volumes reduced to 0.1.
  • Several alliance logos has been added or updated (40+).
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