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The following is a list of all the relevant reviews that the game received since its release. If you don't find here a review that you think should be here, please use the Contact Us button above and let us know.

Gamespy - 4 Jun 2003 Review - Rating: 75%
"If you're not willing to put in the effort, watch the marketplace, play some office politics and generally give up big chunks of your free time to the game, you're just not going to enjoy it.On the other hand, if no-holds-barred hyper-capitalism and Machiavellian competition with real people appeals to you, your game has arrived."

Avault - 10 Jun 2003 Review - Rating: 3.5/5
"EVE isn't for everyone. You must have patience and be excited about non-structured gameplay in order for it to be worth the price of admission. Action hungry thrill-mongers will do themselves a favor by steering clear of this one. Those who are willing to spend quality time interacting with a virtual universe and are creative in that interaction will be rewarded with a multi-layered and thoughtfully constructed experience."

Next Level Gaming - 11 Jun 2003 Review - Rating: 88%
"The best way I can describe this game is this: EVE: The Second Genesis is a game of epic proportions. It's not for everyone, but it seems to definately be for me. And these games usually don't appeal to me. But the do anything, go anywhere, no pressure approach to the game makes me want to play it just to see what I can become. In the time I have been playing, I have joined a great corporation where I split my duties between mining and research. I am almost ready to buy my second ship, and I have some great skills which make me valuable to my fellow corp members."

Game Revolution - 11 Jun 2003 Review - Rating: B+
"You could play this game for years before you really started to feel like you might have seen everything it had to offer. If you can just get past the rough beginning, the difficulty, and the steep learning curve, Eve Online is the biggest game you could possibly hope to play."

Gamespot - 11 Jun 2003 Review - Rating: 6.6/10
"Yet all these good qualities don't change the fact that EVE doesn't have the sort of gameplay that most players would find engaging. EVE offers little in the way of instant gratification, and progress in the game is slow and often unnoticeable."

IGN - 23 Jun 2003 Review - Rating: 8.0/10
"Overall I'd say that EVE has great potential. Though still struggling through the early stages of MMO growth, the game seems to be shaping up quite well. Live events staged by the developers are already being planned, helping to make the game that much more fun. And the game mechanics make it possible for pretty much anyone to have fun."

The Gamers Temple - 3 Jul 2003 Review - Rating: 68%
"EVE is a lot like its space-based setting – it’s beautiful to look at but you wouldn’t want to be there unless you have a lot of patience and time to kill"

Game Chronicles - 8 Jul 2003 Review - Rating: 8.9/10
"If you have plenty of ambition and free time then I can’t think of a better online game you could play. It’s stable, it’s fun, there is a great player community, and the possibilities are endless, limited only by your drive and imagination. Space might be the final frontier but EVE is the genesis of a new type of online experience."

Game Over Online Magazine - 31 Jul 2003 Review - Rating: 80%
"If you can get past the initial learning curve, and the mercantilist or capitalist theme interests you, EVE Online is hearty enough to become your main pastime on the PC. But, what a glorious year it is for space-borne games; now we have two massive universes and a riveting single player title after years of drought in the genre."

Fragland - 12 Nov 2003 Review - Rating: 86.4%
"And it will keep you busy; once you get the feeling for it it can even become too addictive. But if you are the social player who loves futuristic settings, with a lot of possibilities, a lot of flying around and fighting when needed, this is your game. Just don’t forget your real life friends!"

Warcry - 16 Jan 2004 Review - Rating: 8/10 for Achievers, 4/10 for anyone else
"However, if you’re like me, and you love skill systems, crafting, trading, making mounds and mounds of cash, and the glory of blasting through space with what looks like death on wings, than Eve is probably the game for you. With the graphics settings turned down, Eve is light enough to play while playing another MMOG that has all the other features you need in a game, if that’s the way you want to play it. I would hesitate passing it up entirely"

Wicked Toast - 28 Apr 2004 Review - Rating: 4/5
"EVE is ridiculously addictive. The effortless method of training and the huge size of the universe means that everytime you want to accomplish something it'll lead you to a new discovery or a better price, which you must travel another few hops to reach. Every time you do that, there's potential to become distracted by something else. And in the meantime you've learned a skill and spent 15 minutes figuring out what the next one should be. Which reminds you that the one that just finished gave you the ability to fit that really kickass weapons system to your ship, but ... you left it two systems ago because you ran out of room to ferry some cargo. And then..."

GamerFeed - 1 Sep 2004 Review - Rating: 3/5
"There are few, if any, casual players of EVE because they either fall in love with the open-ended space-based adventure or they will lose interest for lack of action and slow gameplay. Fans of Sci-Fi games and broad, open-ended gameplay simply must give this beautiful piece of art a try. This game is one to try before you buy, but anyone who plays the full seven days will be hooked for seven months."

Jolt Online Gaming - 23 Jan 2005 Review - Rating: 8.0/10
"If you’ve got the patience and the desire to wrap yourself up in another galaxy, EVE may not quite be up to the standards of big daddy Elite, but it’s still the best space-faring MMOG out there."

Game Vortex - 10 Mar 2005 Review - Rating: 93%
"As for everything else, Eve Online: Exodus is simply amazing. There’s something for anyone with an interest in space exploration and sci-fi, from rogues to generals, from diplomats to stock brokers and everyone in between. With the structure set in place that players create almost all of the items, there’s lots of work to be done and money to be made -- that means that more of the “people” you’re going to bump into and deal with are likely to be actual people, rather than NPCs."

Wicked Toast - 23 Mar 2005 Review - Rating: 4/5
"Keeping in mind that I'm not a high-powered corporation CEO, nor all that interested in being one, I would have to say that EVE is a far more interesting place than before for the new player to visit. There are more and better ways of specializing in a certain career path, and more stuff to do for jacks-of-all-trades as well."

Game Industry - 13 Jul 2005 Review - Rating: 4.5/5
"Eve Online is simply the best online space game you have probably never played. I was shocked to find such a huge and well detailed community when I first arrived. There is a rich back story to the world and tons of short stories and literature on the home page, much of it written by players. Combine this with a completely huge and non-linear world that is largely controlled by the players, and you have a truly unique experience that is not to be missed."
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